Genshin Impact Thunder Sakura: What you need to know 

With the 2.0 update, Genshin Impact has added a slew of new quests and new places. One of these quests will send you to Inazuma in search of Thunder Sakura. We can assist you in locating them if necessary. All of the Thunder Sakura locations on Kannazuka Island in Genshin Impact Thunder Sakura and information about its healing are listed below.

How to heal?

When you locate each Thunder Sakura, use Elemental Sight (middle mouse button/L1+left D-pad) to locate the glowing circles on the ground and heal it. Once you’ve located them, sprint into the center of the circle until the Thunder Sakura is ready to strike you with a flash of lightning, then dodge out of the way to avoid being hit. If the circle was struck by lightning, a glowing purple point would appear above it, and you can use your Elemental Sight to find the following circle to be struck by lightning.

Three circles must be hit with Thunder Sakura’s lightning, and they may be hidden right at the boundaries of the lightning’s range, up on top of hills or beneath little ledges, so keep looking in Genshin Impact Thunder Sakura. 

Genshin Impact Thunder Sakura
Genshin Impact Thunder Sakura

The Thunder Sakura will bloom and cease blasting you with lightning once you’ve struck all three, which is a welcome respite. You can also go near the tree’s trunk and open a Common Chest. But don’t leave just yet; you’ll need to interact with the yellow glowing point on the tree’s trunk to heal the Thunder Sakura.

Once you’ve completed all five Thunder Sakura sites, return to Miyuki at the spot marked on the map above to discover more about the Treasure Hoarders (and the trees).

That’s all there is to it when it comes to finding the five Thunder Sakura sites in Genshin Impact and healing those trees.

Where to look for Thunder Sakura Trees in Genshin Impact thunder sakura

Thunder Sakura are enormous tree trunks that have been electro-infused. Five of them are scattered over Kannazuka Island, and they will target the player with lethal lightning bolts if they go too close. The player is responsible for healing the trees during the World Quest Sakura Arborism, after which they will be left inert. The Thunder Sakura are said to be able to purge evil and represent Baal’s perpetual guard over Inazuma. However, they can corrode over time. Thus a Cleaning Ritual is performed, just as it is in Konda Village.

Locations of thunder Sakura

For Locations of Thunder Sakura, You must be on a quest if you’re looking for Thunder Sakura places in Genshin Impact’s Inazuma islands Genshin Impact thunder sakura. You’ll be sent on a quest to find Thunder Sakura as part of the Sakura Arborism quest. There are five Thunder Sakura trees in total to aid in the healing of the harm.

Their “juvenile pranks” have infected a group of Treasure Hoarders. However, you may not find these trees unless you enter the region surrounding the task giver. In Genshin Impact, here’s where you can discover all five Thunder Sakura.  

Thunder Sakura trees can be found in five different locales. If you wish to mend these trees so they don’t get in your way anymore, start the quest by going to the center marker on the map above and finding Miyuki, the task giver. She’ll give you a quest to “eliminate juvenile antics on Thunder Sakura,” and you’ll have to figure it out on your own.

 If you want to do it on your own, go ahead and do it. That’s all about the update in Genshin Impact thunder sakura. 


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