Black book: How to beat the Demons in Gorodishensky Ravine – A complete guide!

We hear your cries for a guide to beat the treacherous Gorodishensky Ravine and are here to present you with the same. Every person who has played the critically acclaimed Black Book game has had some level of difficulty in overcoming the hurdle of Gorodishensky Ravine. This sinister ravine is particularly notorious for being a dangerous place to battle demons. However, just as any good gamer, you must find the will to persevere through the darkness. Moreover, It might also be the perfect place to test the strength of your deck and get better at the game. 

What do I need to know about the Black book?

The Black Book game recently released by HypeTrain Digital is an adventure-action RPG with an indie game style. Players take on the mantle of a young witch named Vasilia as she takes on the world of demons in a turn-based, deck-building, card combat system game. While the gameplay takes you on an adventure through various locations, it is famous for its moonlit fields and forests that house dangerous demons and spirits. Defeating them will take a lot of skill and will, and the Gorodishensky Ravine is one such place that is filled with tough-to-beat demons. However, if you follow our guide on “Black book: How to beat the Demons in Gorodishensky Ravine,” you can definitely overcome them and become a master at the game. 

Where can I find the Gorodishensky Ravine?

Before you dive into our guide, “Black book: How to beat the Demons in Gorodishensky Ravine,” you will need to know where you can find this god-forsaken place. As you travel through the flower fields of Europe in the 1800s, you will find that in the Prologue, you will have to travel to this sinister place as part of the main quest. This region can be considered to be a dungeon of sorts that has a boss battle at the end of the chapter, as well as being heavily reliant on Demonic combat to progress through it. If you look directly south of the Miller’s windmill, you will find a dotted path that will lead you to the hidden Gorodishensky Ravine. 

What should I be prepared for?

Make sure you heal Vasilia before entering the Gorodishensky Ravine. It doesn’t matter even if you are missing only a few hitpoints; being fully restored is highly recommended. It is a forest terrain, and hence we suggest you steel yourself for high-damage combat by carrying a hyper-offensive deck as defensive decks are not as useful or effective here. 

Black book:
Black book:

Black book: How to beat the Demons in Gorodishensky Ravine

About the Demons

As the storyline progresses, you will have to initiate a battle with a friend almost immediately after entering the Ravine. The fiend is known to call upon a smaller ally demon for assistance. The challenge of the ravine comes in the form of the fiend’s ability to take out Vasilia in a single demonic blow. After seeing this, it is no wonder why the ravine is feared by players who are looking to beat it. The smaller ally demon does not afflict too much damage but can be annoying if not dealt with as it can remove buffs and add chip damage. 

How Should I go about this?

It is almost mandatory to refrain from taking out the little imp of a demon first. It should not be of any kind of threat as it has low attack points as well as low health points. The ominous fiend requires you to have a proper set-up and buffs, and the time taken must be as optimized as possible. If you take too long or waste any turns, you might find yourself looking in the eye of imminent death. It is another reason why defensive decks are futile here, as fortifying defenses and having enough cards of the sort is highly unlikely to withstand the monstrous damage of the fiend. Hence, as stated earlier, proceed with a hyper offensive deck. Adjust your deck appropriately, and you should find yourself in a position to take it down in 3 turns. 

Why the 3 turns, you ask? Well, the demon does not do any damage for the 3 turns in which it charges up its powerful attack. So, this is your window of opportunity that you must capitalize if you are looking to beat him before you are beaten by it. Ignore the pesky little demon and unleash your deck’s full raw strength onto the demon. After you have taken down the field, the little demon should not be any problem at all. With the right strategy and a little bit of luck on your side, you should find yourself victorious in this battle. The hard-fought battle and arduous nature of Gorodishensky Ravine is well worth it when you reap the rich rewards that are bestowed on Vasilia at the end of the quest. 

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