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Rachel Maddow Reportedly Might Leave Msnbc And Might Spell The End Of An Era.

Is it possible that MSNBC might be looking at one of its biggest stars exiting the network? 

The illustrious host of the “The Rachel Maddow Show” has won the hearts of all with her political views and commentary. It is no mere feat that she is the highest-rated host on the cable network, and her brilliant work on the show since 2008 has garnered her the recognition and accolades she deserves. It, thus, comes as a surprise to all, Rachel Maddow reportedly might leave MSNBC. However, in a recent report,  she is seriously considering leaving MSNBC and drawing the curtain on her show with the network. 

Discussions and negotiations about contract renewal

According to the sources who claimed that Rachel Maddow reportedly might leave MSNBC and the ones she spoke with,  she said that it might be time to part ways with the network at the end of her contract. Negotiations and discussions are still in the working with the network and her representative agents. While it might be possible for her to renew her contract, difficult deals and the inability to reach an agreement might cause her to leave the show for good. 

However, She does not seem to be interested in the prospect of rival networks, but she is reportedly “interested and intrigued in the streaming and podcasting space”. Between these reports and The Daily Beast’s report stating that confirms the same, it seems that if the contract does get renewed, then we might be seeing her on her own separate media ventures. 

MSNBNC looking to retain her association with the network

While the news of Rachel Maddow reportedly might leave MSNBC is spreading like wildfire, her agent, Mark Shapiro, strongly voiced that “nothing has been decided”. He further expanded his statement by saying they were deep into discussions with NBC Universal and are banking on Rachel’s excellent relationship with them. On the other hand, MSNBC, when asked about the report, refused to divulge into employee matters. However, speculations are being made that the network doesn’t want to lose its biggest star and personality and is looking to make “major steps” to convince her to stay on as host on the network. 

Rachel Maddow

It makes sense to the common eye, as should she leave the network,  it would leave a lasting impact and blow on the profits of MSNBC, as she has single-handedly been the beacon that has drawn in an audience to the network like none other. It would be the least to say that she would leave some huge feet to fill her place. 

Rachel Maddow has mixed feelings about workload

Further reports that broke the news of Rachel Maddow reportedly might leave MSNBC  claim that she has been asking for the possibility of a five-night-a-week show. These claims have only been strengthened by the claims of her associates, proclaiming that she has been on the fence about the grind and hard work behind the scenes for a live nightly program. She has consistently gained the reputation of being a diligent worker who throws herself and her commitment into scripts and segments hours before each show goes on air.  In a past interview with The New York Times, Maddow has claimed that she has found herself in a position with not enough time for herself and that “It’s not good for you to work incessantly long days, five days a week, 50 weeks a year for 10 years”.  

What does the Future look like for Rachel Maddow?

In terms of plans that might come out of her leaving the show, a world of possibilities gets mapped out as her persona captivates the audience and leaves us all with food for thought. She could be planning a future in newsletters, podcasts, or streaming TV shows. One possible plan might be working out a new contract with MSNBC that would give her a weekly show akin to that of her HBO counterpart John Oliver. It might be appealing to Rachel Maddow as this would keep her relationship with the network and give her the time to focus on personal avenues. 

Regardless of which way you slice it, there is an element of a gamble on her part, as well as she might end up with having her show’s audience convert into her subscribers, or she may have to start from the ground up, and that is one gamble that many other media personalities have also been seen taking. Whatever might be the case, it indeed isn’t the last time we are witnessing Rachel Maddow. 

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