Joey King’s Boyfriend – Steven Piet. Here’s Everything You Need To Know!

The star of “The Kissing Booth,” Joey King, has always been surrounded by avid fans who are curious and intrigued about the details regarding her boyfriend. The interest of these fans has only increased ever since her break up with her co-star Jacob Elordi. 

With her latest film, “The Kissing Booth 3,” being launched on Netflix recently, those fans are as persistent as ever to find out details about her personal life and her love life off-screen. Here are the details about everything you might want to know about her partners so far.

The Kissing Booth

The Kissing Booth has been one of the most-watched movies on Netflix despite receiving mixed reviews when it first dropped on Netflix. Fans of the series include both fans from the movies and the book series written by Beth Reekles. The Kissing Booth is a movie series that follows the teas love story between Elle and Noah. Elle was played by Joey Kpopular hotshot boy Jacob Ellordi. The young adult romance stories were part of a trilogy that had Elle as a young, never-been-kissed before the teenage girl and Noah as a popular hotshot boy. The main series has 3 books: Kissing Booth, Kissing Booth – 2: Going the Distance, and Kissing Booth 3: One Last Time. There are also a couple of spinoffs that have been written on this series, and the same stories have been adapted into the movies in which Joey King stars. 

Joey King’s Boyfriend from The Kissing Booth

Ever since the movie production started way back, they both shared a mutual attraction. Their relationship started as friends before it blossomed into a romantic one. Spending around 17 hours a day with each other as a company during the shooting and production of “The Kissing booth,” Jacob Ellordi had become an attractive and fun person and eventually became Joey King’s Boyfriend. She had stated in an interview once that she enjoyed his company as they shared a common sense of humor and would die laughing at each other’s jokes. However, much to the disappointment of fans who shipped the couple, they ended up splitting up towards the end of 2019. 


Joey King’s Boyfriend – Steven Piet

The 22-year old actress Joey King met her current lover and boyfriend while working on “The Act.” It is needless to say that the two are a loving couple who have great talents in the film industry. People who had heard the rumors of the two of them being romantically associated anticipated the news of their relationship. These rumors began to surface when they first made their red carpet appearance at the Emmy awards. However, it later revealed that the two of them knew each other for a bit before that. Their relationship was confirmed when Joey King posted a picture on her Instagram handle with Steven Piet.  

Who is Steven Piet?

Steven Piet is a man with multiple talents and creative artistry that helps him bring different dimensions to life. His multifaceted talents have gained him recognition as a man who wore many hats. The 30-year old producer has been involved in projects like “The Act”, and episodes of “Free” and “Plan B.” He has also been popularly credited for directing movie flicks like “Uncle John”, “Channel Zero ” and also served as a cinematographer on “Girl Rising.” 

Steven Piet hails from Chicago and is a diligent worker in expanding the horizons and limits of creativity in production. The couple recently posted a picture on Instagram where Joey King had captioned it by saying that she was lucky to have him in his life and couldn’t be happier to be in his. 

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