Biden Administration To Announce Most Americans Will Need Corona Virus Booster

With various new variants of the coronavirus emerging, there is still so much we do not know about the efficacy of vaccines, their longevity, and the duration of protection. Scientists and researchers are actively looking into the possibility of booster shots.  With the US being one of the hardest-hit countries by the pandemic, the Biden Administration is set to Announce that most Americans will need Corona Virus Booster. 

Announcement to be made by Biden Administration

Rumors began to surface that the Biden Administration is planning on announcing that most Americans would need Corona Virus Booster shots. It comes in light of the Delta Variant, which is causing disruption and threatening public health. The decision was taken to combat the possibility of waning immunity and negate the effects of the highly infective Delta variant. People in close quarters with the decision-making team stated that the surging increase in COVID – 19 cases was highly problematic and probably fuelled the decision.

However, the White House has declined to comment on it as of now. The exact timing and schedule of the announcement are still tentative and subject to change. It had initially been scheduled for Wednesday. However, it was later shifted. The announcement will most likely include vital information regarding who might need boosters and when they might need them.  

How far are we with Booster Shots?

Scientists, Administration officials, and health officers believe that the nation’s people will probably need boosters around 8 months after they have taken their vaccines and have become fully vaccinated. The final decision has not yet been made public as an announcement is yet to be made by the Biden administration. 

At any cost, the booster shots would not be available till mid or late September as the application for additional Pfizer. BioNTech vaccines need to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). 

Previous public statements made regarding booster shots

The news of the Biden administration planning to announce that most Americans would need Corona Virus Booster Shots comes as a change in the officials’ tone so far. Most Public statements made thus far by public officials were concordant in stating that it was unclear and too soon to determine whether changed Americans would need booster shots. The Delta variant and the alarming data from other countries seem to have pushed officials into taking this decision.  

WHO’s Stance on Booster shots?

The World Health Organization has not been too pleased with the decision of countries to promote booster shots. The WHO has criticized the plans of booster shots stating that it was unethical and unfair of affluent nations to proceed with booster shots before other countries have reached a similar state of vaccination. The WHO further requested nations to halt the process till at least the end of September and export vaccines to countries that need them until then. 

Data – the driving force behind the announcement

High Ranking officials came together in the White House and spent days scrutinizing the Biden administration’s data from within the United States and other countries. The conclusions drawn from this data led the team to merge on the decision that most Americans would need booster shots. It was evident from the intermittent hints dropped by public health officials that booster shots may be required: White House’s Chief medical advisor, Anthony. S. Fauci confirmed the same thought process by stating that the need for boosters was “highly likely.”    


With the Delta virus’s ferocity and intensity shocking scientists, the question over the need for booster shots becomes that much more relevant. With officials and scientists are torn, they turned to the data to help them make a decision. The data received so far indicates that the vaccines do tend to lose their potency over time and aren’t 100% reliable in the long term. This data has been accumulated from Israel and clinics around the country, and they seem to suggest that the efficacy of vaccines drops to 42% in the long term. However, it remains unclear whether the reduction in anti-virus potency is due to time or the Delta variant itself. 

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The need for vaccination is greater than ever before

Only 50% of Americans are fully vaccinated, and millions stand against the decision. It would be a grave fallacy to believe that the need for boosters undermines the need for vaccines. We have so many unanswered questions, and the official announcement from the Biden administration is sure to clear up at least a few of them. We can say for sure that getting vaccinated is the most important step to overcoming this pandemic. 


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