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Marlon Wayans Explained Why He Decided To Never Get Married (Updated Information)

Marlon Wayans Decided To Never Get Married Why

Marlon Wayans recently while promoting his new movie explained why he decided not to get married. This 49-year-old actor explains that because of a promise he made with his late mother he decided never to get married. His mom passed away last year at the age of 81.

Marlon Wayans said that his mother passed away, and on her deathbed,  he said  ‘Can I tell you something, woman?’” Marlon recalled with a heavy heart and said “She was in a lot of pain and she was fighting to stay alive or maybe fighting to go. Then he said that he is 47 years old, and he had never gotten married because he always wanted his mother to be the  No. 1 woman in his life. Then he said that his mother turned over, looked at him,  grabbed his hand, pulled him close to her, and said, ‘I know. I love you too.’”

Marlon Wayans said that he never got married because he knew his mom needed him. And he said that women sometimes want to fight for one’s attention, and want to fight for one’s love, and they want to be the one. Malon Wayans and his mother have their birthday on the same date.

Marlon Wayans with a heavy heart also said that he gave his mother a kiss and said that he’ll see her soon, but not that soon because he got a load of life to live. She laughed with so much pain, and I gave her a kiss. Those words were his last words to his mother.


Marlon  Wayans was in a relationship with Angelica Zachary for a long time. They were in a relationship from 1992 until 2013. They also have two kids, daughter Amai, who is 21years old, and son Shawn, 19 years old. The actor also said that the  Essence of marriage always seems to end any friendship

Marlon in another recent interview said that he had dished on the possibility of a White Chicks sequel! The “White Chicks” star said he is now starting to open up to the idea of marriage, admitting, “Yeah, I probably got one in me. Just one.”

Though he’s had various relationships over the years, Marlon Wayans had never wished to tie the knot with anyone he had met.  Because of the promise he made to his mother that he never wanted another woman to come between him and his mother.

Marlon Wayans also mentioned that he likes things to bend and not to break, and he also feels like when a person gets married, he is required to get divorced in order to either be separated or together.  He also mentioned that he likes friendships because one can just learn from each other and a person can just grow and can just get better.

Marlon Wayans also premiered his latest comedy show on HBO on 19th August which was  titled “Marlon Wayans: You Know What It Is.” This special show, according to HBO Max shares all the secrets about  Wayans life along with all his other fears as well, such as dealing with a rebellious teenage son, raising a daughter, and probably his greatest fear, the realization that his bad decisions had torn his family apart.

Marlon Wayans heartwarming story touched everyone’s heart and everything he said during his recent interview explaining the actual reason behind him never getting married because he always wanted his mother to be the No.1 woman in his life. The actor got all overwhelmed and he expressed his love to his mother while she was on her deathbed. 

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