Arnold Schwarzenegger Loses Corporate Sponsor Of Bodybuilding Event For “dangerous, Anti-american”

It is undeniable that Arnold Schwarzenegger has been a major social and political figure for quite a while. In recent times, his comments have landed him in some hot water with different groups of people. On that wave, it has come to light that Arnold Schwarzenegger loses corporate sponsor of bodybuilding event for “dangerous, anti-American.” Find out more by reading below. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger loses a sponsor

It can now be affirmatively confirmed that Arnold Schwarzenegger loses corporate sponsor of bodybuilding event for “dangerous, anti-American.” The cause of this has been attributed to Arnold’s rant about how he felt that anti-maskers were “Schmucks” and about how important it was to wear masks to combat the pandemic. The company in question has been confirmed to be REDCON1. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been met with dissent

His comments about how people could “Screw their freedom” and calling out those who stood against wearing masks as “Schmucks” have not gone down well with the people. It has riled up the public, and many have taken to social media to express their displeasure. The reason for the controversy is because the concept of freedom is something that Americans hold dear to their heart as it has been a founding pillar of the nation. Arnold tried to convey that people should not complain about their freedom to do “X, Y, and Z” and should focus more on Social distancing and following COVID – 19 guidelines to help overcome this hurdle of a pandemic. 

REDCON1 has been the corporate sponsor that Arnold Schwarzenegger has lost for his bodybuilding event. They deemed it necessary given recent developments to clarify their position. They made a statement in which it was said that they had not pulled out, not because of the mask issue. They expanded by saying that they were completely aware of the situation in the country and understood the need for proper health care. They professed their support for public health and well-being as well. They concluded by saying that they had not pulled out over the comments made by Arnold over “Screw your freedom.”

REDCON1 said that they could not support or subscribe to him as they felt his ideology is dangerous and anti-American. 

REDCON1 – We support freedom

The sponsor, REDCON1, that pulled out of the bodybuilding event organized by Arnold Schwarzenegger, believes that they are a patriotic pro-freedom brand and hence could not stand by his statements. However, they also said that they believed in every individual’s right to express their opinion and that Arnold was free to view things in whichever way they seemed to fit. 

The founder of REDCON1 said that he and the company have been huge fans of Arnold and his bodybuilding event. He went as far as to say that a man who had no advantages and virtually had nothing at all to come to the top of his game without making any excuses ever showed dedication, passion, and mental fortitude. On being asked why their support was discontinued if that was the case, he said that “We have spent thousands of dollars” on him but couldn’t continue the support in good conscience. 

Outbursts from other personalities

Many others have also taken the liberty to voice their opinion against the comments made by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Brian Shaw recently took down the poster of Arnold Schwarzenegger from his training home gym. Campus Duffy went on to say that he was not going to take the opinion and voice of a bodybuilder to tell him what to do when he knew that he was born free. There have been many other athletes, bodybuilders, and nutrition company heads that have voiced similar dissent. 

Arnold explains his stance

It is easy to get carried over the fine details of what was said and lose the plot of the statement. That is exactly what has happened in the case of Arnold Schwarzenegger losing sponsors for his bodybuilding event over his comments. He clarified that he might have gone a bit extreme in calling people schmucks and screwing the freedom of people. He continued by saying that he was trying to take a stance and get the message across that freedom was not more important than saving the lives of the people of our country. Arnold explained that he could lose his temper when he becomes passionate about preserving the greatness of the nation. 

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