Brian Shaw Takes Down Poster Of Arnold Schwarzenegger – Fallout Continues.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been one of the most iconic celebrities of all time. However, his recent comments have been met with heavy dissent and criticism. In recent news, Brian Shaw takes down a poster of Arnold Schwarzenegger from his Gym. Read about the whole story below. 

Brian Shaw takes down a poster of Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold’s recent comments regarding freedom have been surrounded with controversy, to say the least. Brian Shaw has been the latest person to be added to a list of sponsors, athletes, supplement company heads that have had a bone to pick with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Brian Shaw expressed his displeasure by taking down a poster of Arnold Schwarzenegger from his home gym. 

What did Arnold Schwarzenegger say?

Arnold Schwarzenegger had recently stated in an interview that the people who had taken a stand against anti-masks could “screw their freedom”. The former California governor was very vocal about his views on COVID-19 guidelines and the need to wear masks. In the interview, he had gone on to say that the virus was wreaking havoc in the country and that it had been claiming lives left, right, and center. He urged people to wear masks and follow guidelines by stating that the only way out of this pandemic was to get vaccinated, wear masks, and follow social distancing. His controversial comment came when he said people should not be selfish and be concerned over something like their freedom being infringed on a little bit.  

Why has the comment stirred up a storm?

Arnold’s comment in the interview was followed by an Instagram post that had the caption, “You have the freedom to be a schmuck. Just because you can, does not mean you should”. 

Freedom has been one of the founding ideals of the great country of the USA. However, while it is understandable why a comment against it could spark conflict, the current generation holds up a confused idea of what freedom entails. Many athletes, fans, and bodybuilder competitors took his comments against freedom as a personal attack, and they did not pull punches in expressing their disappointment. 

“Freedom is important to us” – Brian Shaw

Four-time World’s strongest man, Brain Shaw, was particularly disappointed in Arnold Schwarzenegger. Brian took to Instagram to explain his stance on Arnold’s comments. He expressed his feelings about the comment by saying that Freedom was important to all athletes. He went on to say that he had taken down the poster of Arnold Schwarzenegger from the wall in his home gym. Brian also said that Arnold had a right to express his opinion and think whatever he wanted to think but the comment “Screw your freedom” did not sit well with him. 

Brian Shaw
Brian Shaw

Brian elaborated by saying that the value of freedom is inexplicable and that he was a staunch believer in those ideals because he knew “Freedom didn’t come free”. He also added that many people seem to have forgotten the importance of freedom and concluded by saying that he could no longer train under his picture as he was a proud American. 

The event of Brian Shaw taking down the poster of Arnold Schwarzenegger has been taking social media by storm. The 7-time winner of Mr. Olympia had been a huge influence in the life of Brian Shaw, and the latter had admitted to the same and said it was a sad day indeed. While it can be debated at great length as to who is in the right, it is undeniable that this wave of dissent comes as a blow to Arnold and his brand. Only time will tell where this vendetta against Arnold’s comments will lead to. 

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