House of Gucci: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Trailer

House of Gucci is a forthcoming movie by Ridley Scott in which the former head of the couture house manages to sell the firm’s shares and gets murdered by none other than his wife. The film then follows the trial case of his wife, who is still alive. Adapted from Sara Gay Forden’s The House of Gucci: A Sensational Story of Murder, Madness, Glamour, and Greed, the film promises everything from fashion, lust, and betrayal to drama, money, and power. The film tells the story of Maurizio Gucci, the grandson of Guccio Gucci, who fell in love, married, divorced, and then got killed by a hitman hired by the late designer. 

House of Gucci: Release Date

The movie House of Gucci is supposed to hit the theatres on 24th November in the United States and on November 26, 2021, in the United Kingdom, coinciding with the house of Gucci’s 100th anniversary. Moreover, Paramount+ will also stream House of Gucci in the US.

House of Gucci: Cast

The cast members of House of Gucci have been chosen with such care and attention that it’s hard to imagine they are performing.  Voilà, the movie of the year, will reveal the inside world of Gucci like never before. But, who all will be a part of this world-changing story? The following are the list of all the cast members for the upcoming movie:

  • Lady Gaga as Patrizia Reggiani (aka Lady Gucci)
  • Adam Driver as Maurizio Gucci
  • Jared Leto as Paolo Gucci
  • Al Pacino as Aldo Gucci
  • Jeremy Irons as Rodolfo Gucci
  • Salma Hayek as Pina Auriemma
  • Miloud Mourad Benamara as Omar
  • Camille Cottin as Paola Franchi
  • Jack Huston as Domenico De Sole
  • Reeve Carney as Tom Ford
  • Mehdi Nebbou as Said
  • Mădălina Diana Ghenea as Sophia Loren

House of Gucci: Plot

Any viewer who has read Sara Forden’s book entitled The House of Gucci: A Sensational Story of Murder, Madness, Glamour, and Greed or knows the story of Maurizio Gucci will quickly understand the plot of the movie. The film is based on a true story. Below are all the details, if you haven’t read them already.

House of Gucci
House of Gucci

As the title implies, this film will focus on the lives of Maurizio Gucci and his ex-wife Patrizia Reggiani. As the show continues, viewers will get to witness the couples getting married, hanging out at clubs, and spending money extravagantly. Within this time frame, the team will also give birth to two daughters.

 The story’s plot will also focus on how Maurizio betrayed his famous wife, Patrizia, by lying to her. Despite being married for years, he cheated on his wife with a much younger woman. In the end, he divorced his wife too for that woman. Furthermore, viewers will also witness how Maurizio put the famous dynasty at risk through his numerous failures. The company was destroyed so much that Maurizio had no choice but to sell his shares to a Bahrain-based company.

House of Gucci: Trailer

The House of Gucci trailer has been released on July 29. The show is a complete whirlwind that takes the viewer back to the eighties. This trailer has it all, from the sensational wardrobe to the talented actors to the visually stunning and sometimes jaw-dropping scenes. The film exceeded all of our expectations and raised the bar for the rest of the film. With which we are sure we will be able to meet.

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