The Terminal List Release Date Status, Trailer, Cast, Plot

Amazon Prime has been a house of some phenomenal shows that we have fallen in love with. To add to that staggering list of incredible shows is the upcoming show “Terminal List.” News of the show began to surface in late July, and it has been met with eager anticipation from fans around the world. If you are one of those fans, we have compiled all the information we know regarding the show so far. 

Terminal List stars “Chris Pratt”

Since the show was picked up by Amazon Prime and announced in May 2020, the show has steadily garnered hype and buzz around it. This hype has only been compounded by the fact that it stars Chris Pratt, who will also be working as an Executive producer for the show. The second time a show with Chris Pratt as a lead star will be featured on Amazon’s video streaming platform. 

Terminal List Release Date

It was recently announced that filming for the much anticipated “Terminal list” had already begun towards the end of June. This information comes as part of the casting report, revealing that we could expect a release in early 2022. This information would come as an exciting revelation to all fans of the upcoming thriller and Chriss Pratt fans. An exact premiere date hasn’t been announced yet and will probably be announced after a poster and trailer release. 

Terminal List Cast

The upcoming thriller series “Terminal Cast” has a star-studded cast to bring the show to life. Apart from the headliner Chriss Pratt, it will also star Jai Courtney, famous for his roles in Terminator and Suicide Squad. In Addition to them, the show will also star Constance Wu, Taylor Kitsch, JD Pardo, Jeanne Triplehorn, Riley Keough, and Patrick Schwarzenegger. 

Terminal List Plot

Fans of the Novel version “Terminal list” can be hyped about the upcoming Amazon show, an adaptation of the Novel. The novel itself was written by Keith Wood, aka Jack Carr. The plot revolves around James Reece, a Navy Seal that is devastated following the annihilation of his entire platoon. He returns home to find more tragedy in the form of death amongst his loved ones. He is driven with a vengeance and a mission when he smells foul play behind the deaths that have followed him. He targets the ones hiding behind the curtain of power in search of answers, and the countless skills he has developed over years of constant warfare and covert operations will aid him on his quest for answers. The show also centers around Capstone industries. Steve Horn, a billionaire Kingpin behind the industries, uses his power position to exploit the global fund and profit from military innovations. Steve will be played by Jai Courtney, and his presence as a tycoon in business and politics puts him on Reece’s path and radar. It is yet to be known just how the two of them will interact. 


The TV series is expected to follow a plot that stays on a similar course. It has been announced that there will be eight episodes in the first season, and there will be multiple seasons to follow. It has been hinted that the series will feature Reece’s family being intact and that his quest will be driven by a will to protect rather than get revenge. 

Anything that stars “Chriss Pratt” is sure to be a success, owing to the actor’s persona and stage presence. The Terminal List will also be the first show Chriss Pratt will star in after a long-drawn hiatus from Television. With a promise of a faithful adaptation and a star-studded cast, the thriller show has great potential to become a grand success. Who knows, if the series exceeds these expectations, it might even inspire future books from the author. Only time will tell about the future of the terminal list. 

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