Intrusion: Netflix’s new original- Release Date Status, Cast, and Plot 

Don’t ask questions you don’t want to be answered- That’s what intrusion is all about. Intrusion is Netflix’s next big-budget suspense thriller action movie, ready to sprinkle spice for all you thrill-seekers. Netflix has never failed to grab audience’s hearts and never lets them move to other platforms to seek Entertainment. As it brings shows and movies which grips the soul and dries the blood for good, the next in the store is an Intrusion- a story of a young couple that goes from a happy married life to a completely different turn which is suspenseful enough to make you swallow phlegm on and off. ‘Intrusion,’ a new Netflix film, will make you double-check whether or not you bolted your windows and doors. Sparling collaborated with Kyle Benn of Creator Media Entertainment, Josh Weinstock of Sea Smoke Entertainment, Alexandra Milchan of EMJAG Productions, and Matthew Myers and Russell Hollander as producers. The film is directed by Adam Salky and is based on a scenario by Christopher Sparling.

Intrusion Release date

Don’t worry, you won’t have to wait any longer to grab your popcorn,  freeze on the couch and tune in to intrusion as On September 22, 2021, Netflix will release the much-awaited thriller of ‘Intrusion.’ All Netflix subscribers worldwide will be able to watch the drama-thriller. We recommend that you see the film as soon as it is released to prevent spoilers because the internet is wicked and you don’t want to ruin the fun.

Intrusion cast

We will see Freida Pinto as Meera, the movie’s protagonist, Mark Sivertsen as Dylan Cobb, Logan Marshall-Green playing Henry, Meera’s husband. Robert John Burke as Detective Stephen Morse who meets Meera as shown in the trailer.  More characters are Hayes Hargrove as Bill Whitman, Megan Elisabeth Kelly as Christine Cobb, and Bonita King as Cafe Patron. No other detail has been revealed regarding the cast information of the intruder. Since the movie is on its way, we will know the hidden characters in the film itself. 

Intrusion Plot

There’s a suspense plotline starring Robert John Burke from Law and Order as the senior cop on the blow investigation, which he feels is linked to a kidnapped man mystery in town. Meanwhile, Clint Obenchain, a local actor, plays a person of interest in the case—aka the man with the thick southern accent who harasses Pinto in the trailer for “snooping around.”  Meera, played by Freida Pinto, is a breast cancer survivor who has recently shifted to a magnificent house designed by her designer husband Henry, performed by Logan Marshall-Green, in a tiny village outside of Boston to reconcile and establish this new phase in her happiness. Meera (Freida Pinto) and her architect husband Henry (Logan Marshall-Green) admired their new opulent yet secluded home. Henry created the house himself, and he is very satisfied with it. The couple had just moved into their new home. Everything appeared to be quaint, lovely, and they appeared to be content. 

The couple’s contentment and serenity have attracted the evil eye. Since then, things have gone downhill. Two break-ins occur after the couple has moved into their new house. When Henry shoots one of the attackers, Meera is traumatized. She grew skeptical of everyone in her life after that, even her spouse. When it came to Marshall’s character, Henry, who was behaving strangely during this first trailer, the filmmaker was a touch more snuggly. “Henry was by Meera’s side the entire time she was sick, and he was devastated as well. He almost lost her, so the upheaval in their lives in this small community is just something he believes they can get past,” Salky explained. “Meera discovers that a lot of the people around her have secrets,” he said later, referring to Meera’s questionable husband. There’s a fatal flaw with the person with whom you share a bed that’s even more terrifying than cancer.” 


We have one thing sorted through the trailer- there’s something that Henry is deliberately hiding from Meera, which obviously, she will discover at the end of the movie. However, to say that he doesn’t love or something like that would be wrong as we saw how much of a caring and loving person he is to his wife. Whatever be the entire story, we know for sure it’s going to be dope and provide another level of suspense thriller drama. 

Must Check

Intrusion Trailer

A full trailer for Intrusion has yet to be released. Fortunately, there is a short one! The “Intrusion” official trailer was published earlier this week. There is a hint in the official trailer that Meera’s husband keeps a horrible secret from her. If there is a worse twist, we would not be startled. Here’s the official trailer for the thriller film. 


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