Legendary ‘Today’ weatherman Willard Scott dead at 87

Willard Scott?

Willard Scott was March 7, 1934, in Alexandria, Virginia. He started his career with broadcasting in the year 1950 after he graduated from American University in Washington. Scott began hosting the “Joy Boys” radio show on the NBC radio station in 1955 and remain on the show until it ended in 1974. He also was a host for s children’s TV shows and played many characters, in the ’60s and ’70s.

Willard Scott Passed Aways at 87: Here is everything we know about him

Willard Scott who is also known as the legendary weatherman died this morning. He was known for his amazing personality and for starting the tradition of celebrating fans who reached the century mark as confirmed by Today’s Al Roker. He was 87 years old.

Roker shared on Instagram that they have lost a beloved member of our @todayshow family this morning. Willard Scott was 87 years old when he passed away. During his last time, he was surrounded by, his daughters Sally and Mary and his lovely wife, Paris. Willard Scott was always a man of his time, there will never be anyone like him.

Scott joined TODAY in 1980 and was very famous for wishing happy birthday to fans who turn 100, a feature that has been popular over the years, with images of people used to show on Smucker’s jelly jars while they were introduced by Scott in front of millions of viewers.

Scott started his journey in broadcasting at NBC at the affiliate station as a page in Washington, D.C., in the year 1950. Earlier at that time, Willard Scott would also do his forecasts on the road, enlightening everyone with his charm. In 1987 he said in the New York Times that he just loves people. He also said that a lot of speakers on the talk circuit leave but he does a lot of schmoozing. He said he is like a dog if you just open the door and then he goes on licking everybody’s face.


Scott also had played Ronald McDonald, appearing in commercials in Washington in 1963. He stayed in Washington all in the 1970s and became the weatherman for NBC’s local channel 4 stations. In March 1980, he replaced Bob Ryan as a weatherman on TODAY.

In 1983, Scott also accepted his viewer’s request to wish his mom a happy 100th birthday, which started the tradition of wishing to centenarians that are still going strong today. Scott also got dressed as Santa Claus for National Tree-Lighting Ceremony many years continuously  The very friendly and lovable Scott was also welcomed by first lady Barbara Bush during the 1989 inauguration parade 

In 1996, Scott was replaced on TODAY by Al Roker. He officially retired from TV in 2015, after being for 35-years with TODAY. AI said that Scott was a friend and literally his second dad at the time. President Reagan also awarded Scott for Public Service In 1985. Scott was married to his wife Mary Dwyer in 1959 and then she died in 2002. They had two children. Later on, he was survived by his wife Paris Keena, whom he married in 2014.

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