Garrett Hilbert Cause of Death Is He Dead or Alive? Dude Perfect Garrett Hilbert Death – Obituary

Garrett Hilbert

Garrett Hilbert is an American. He was born on May 13, 1987, and is 34 years old He was born and brought up in Plano, Texas, USA. He is the current co-founder of the famous YouTube channel named Dude Perfect. Garrett Hilbert has appeared in various episodes of Dude Perfect, usually called Purple Hoser. He was always called with this nickname as he claimed to be the father of the organization.

Garrett Hilbert was a part of American sports along with a comedy group, He is also known as a co-founder of the famous channel on the Internet, Dude Perfect, and recently, the channel has gained huge popularity among the watchers on Youtube. Garrett has been a part of many episodes of Dude Perfect and fans called him a Purple Hoser.  Garrett is also a Youtuber. As per the sources, the channel had almost 36 million fans as of December 2018.

Garrett Hilbert
Garrett Hilbert

Garrett Hilbert Cause of Death

Garrett Hilbert’s channel is a lot famous for showing thrilling amazing stunts and also famous for stunt’s destination for sports and entertainment. Along with Hilbert, there are few other co-founders of the channel, and the list includes Cor Cotton, Coby, Cody Jones, and Tyler Toney. The Dude Perfect is one of the highly subscribed channels in the USA and also, the famous sports channel that has the second-highest number of subscribers on Youtube. Garrett Hilbert is one of the talented people in the group and, had amazing skills in editing videos. Mostly, he used to record and developed the videos for the channel.

Other than this he was also know among his fans as The Read Head, he used to create amazing, interesting, and unique content for watchers across the world. On March 16, 2009, a famous Youtube channel was launched by Garrett and his friend. Along with that, there is a wonderful story behind their first video. This video shows that friends in his friend circle used to have a bet on Sandwiches while shooting the basketball when they all used to play together.

Is Garrett Hilbert Dead or Alive?

Garrett Hillbert’s entire group always used to record their videos and post them on their Youtube channel. After continuously posting, one of their videos went viral on the Internet and since then, their Youtube channel had shown a high raise. After the video going viral, they started by posting some amazing and wonderful stunts along with various other types of videos on their channel. 

After the raise, every video posted of the group went viral on social media, and everyone who love to watch these videos ended up on their channel. After this, some channels even contacted Garrett and his friends to get some videos. Later on, these videos were shown on some famous channels. After getting promoted on different platforms they became more popular on the Internet. They have even worked with various football teams such as Manchester City Football Club and Chelsea Football Club. They have even met with some popular players such as Paul Rudd, Chris Paul, and Morgan Baker.

Currently, there was a rumor spreading over the Internet that Garrett Hilbert died in a car accident. As far as many people are claiming that he is dead his family and relatives have not updated it yet on social media yet. While we all are still confused and are searching about his death info. It will be confirmed once there is an official update regarding his health.

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