Liberal Filmmaker Michael Moore Says Usama Bin Laden ‘won’ After All: ‘we, His Mortal Enemy, Are In Disarray’

Michael Moore

Filmmaker Michael Moore share news on Tuesday that al Qaeda founder Usama bin Laden won because the United States is afraid  2 decades after the terror leader attempted to eliminate the American dream. 

Michael Moore wrote that In death he is able to see the fruits of his hard work. He also said that they are, his mortal enemy, and are in disarray, also at war with ourselves. He said that this is the first time that any species has decided to eliminate itself and That’s real terrorism.

Michael Moore wrote a different entry titled which was written as “At The End, Bin Laden Won,” along with a subheading as, “He couldn’t have done it without us.” Moore started by describing that he met with the Taliban government of Afghanistan in 1999 to help understand the group two years prior to the tragic attacks of September 11, 2001.  He also wrote his mission with the Taliban finally failed.  He further wrote Afghanistan would soon turn on us by giving a safe haven to the richest families in Saudi Arabia.

Michael Moore also describes that Bin Laden wanted to destroy America, and he did that with the 9/11 attacks. Michael Moore then wrote that bin Laden had a well-designed political strategy and sought to wipe out the American dream by bankrupting the nation financially, politically, and spiritually. 

Moore wrote that Bin Laden also wanted to control the military and show the world that they could defeat anyone who possessed nary a single fighter jet, or a Blackhawk helicopter. Moore also said he knew it would be easy to make us impotent. Moore feels bin Laden and his loyalists were geniuses who knew exactly what they were doing on 9/11  

Michael Moore
Michael Moore

Moore also continued by saying Bin Laden would take things to such an extent where we would massively, cruelly neglect the needs of our own people, and not providing them free health care. Instead, we took their homes from them to pay off the hospital bills. Moore continued that is it really about the 3,000 dead that made us occupy Afghanistan for 20 years? He said we’ve lost 3,000 on many days during this pandemic and no one read their names every year at some memorial. And, we’re definitely not invading the bat market in Wuhan. 

Moore also explains that Bin Laden had our number and came as a victory despite being killed by Navy SEALs in 2011. Moore continued saying that they are his mortal enemy, are in disarray, seriously at war with ourselves. Violence looms with us every day.

Michael Moore wasn’t finished.

Moore then continued saying Usama, are you happy now. He said we were never good as the MAGA hats proclaimed, but, at least, most of us, trying. Of course, the Black and Brown people know that’s not completely true. They know that they might just have to save themselves and deal with us. He also asked white people not to worry as they have got 340 million+ guns in our homes! Michael Moore then declared Americans never bothered to fight the two threats: Capitalism and climate change. 

Michael Moore also wrote that It is the first time that a species decide to eliminate itself. That’s real terrorism, and they might not be able to turn back now but can have a grip on themselves, halt the deluge, stop the greed, close the income inequality gap, reduce our food consumption and deduct the profit motive.  He continued if they do so, bin Laden will lose and they might learn to love and share the wealth and live in peace with each other. This would be the best way to answer the effect of 9/11.

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