Man Pleads Guilty To Threatening To Shoot Pelosi: Face Charges 

According to court documents, one of Georgia’s political extremists pleaded guilty to sending text messages that threatened to kill House Speaker Nancy Pelosi after the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol. According to officials, a purple devil emoji and the words “Thinking about heading over to Pelosi’s… address and putting a bullet in her noggin on Live TV” were included. According to a plea agreement, he admitted to sending the text message but claimed it was “political hyperbole.” As part of Friday’s plea deal, Cleveland Meredith Jr. admitted to threatening House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in a text message. 

As of Friday, seven more people have pleaded guilty to a January 6th insurrection in the United States Capitol. After Meredith’s mother disclosed his abusive messages to the FBI, Meredith was detained on January 7 in his hotel room in Washington D.C. Meredith faces up to five years in prison and a $250,000 fine in exchange for her guilty plea. On the other hand, prosecutors told the judge that they would only ask for a maximum of two years in jail and a fine of $75,000. 

It’s been a long time since Felipe Marquez has been in trouble. One year in jail is the maximum sentence for this misdemeanor. In addition to an order from the judge that he stay away from Washington, D.C. during his criminal case and refrain from participating in a rally in support of the Capitol rioters on September 18. CNN reported that an Ohio couple, Brandon and Stephanie Miller, along with the man, pleaded guilty to illegally protesting in the Capitol. Unarmed rioters who plead guilty to a misdemeanor similar to trespassing have received lighter sentences. 

Surprisingly, It wasn’t the only threatening message Meredith sent

The man pleads guilty for sending obscene unacceptable messages to the house representative, but the single message wasn’t the only one he sent. Meredith didn’t stop there; he called her “Dead (expletive) Walking.” “I foresee that many people in our country will die within the next 12 days,” he wrote.

Man Pleads Guilty
Man Pleads Guilty

Other messages included threats against Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser and plans for a sneak attack on the city’s infrastructure. Meredith took them away when the relative showed anxiety over the texts. “Lolz, I am just having fun, ” he wrote while being locked in a hotel room being high.

And he also warned to “remove several craniums from shoulders,” as he puts it. After reportedly making threats to the school, Meredith was expelled from his high school alma mater in 2019. To say the man pleads guilty is a mad man won’t be wrong to say or perhaps- a danger to society if left unrestrained. 

FBI agents happen to find a lot of weapons and ‘weird stuff’ behind his truck

An assault rifle, thousands of rounds of ammunition, Glock 19, a Tavor X95 assault rifle, a nine-millimeter pistol (none registered in D.C.), and ten high-capacity magazines were found in a trailer that Meredith was transporting behind his truck, according to the FBI. ACCORDING TO COURT DOCUMENTS, the FBI agents also seized an alleged THC edible and a bottle of parenteral testosterone.

Prosecutors dropped the remaining charges after Meredith agreed to plead guilty to a single allegation stemming from his threats against Speaker Pelosi. In the months leading up to the Capitol riot, federal prosecutors said Meredith’s behavior had become extremely assertive. In November, when Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp was elected, Meredith carried his assault rifle to a demonstration outside Governor Kemp’s Atlanta residence. A judge will give him credit for the time served when he was sentenced in December because he has been in jail since he was taken into custody in January. Due to the terms of his plea agreement, Meredith was not forced to plead guilty to the firearms counts that were initially brought against him.

…but he technically wasn’t a part of the Jan 6 capitol riots- he ‘missed’ it 

Despite being essentially part of the huge FBI probe into the occurrences of Jan. 6, Meredith was not present during the violent protest. IHeas on his way to Washington in Colorado but was interrupted by car issues and arrived late that night. According to court filings, when Meredith was on the road, he received text messages informing him of the Capitol siege. He was quick and excited to respond- “Burn DC to the (expletive) ground,” he wrote, according to court filings. “It’s wartime.”

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