“Making The Taliban Great Again!”- Pres. Joe Biden Revealed, As The Man behind The Billboard

Pennsylvania state senator instructed Fox Information that he had erected about 15 billboards domestically with images of President Biden with the message “Make the Taliban nice.”

The Taliban are overtly saying that they drove America out of Afghanistan – they’re very excited now according to Republican Scott Wagner, who represented the district overlaying York County from 2014 to 2018, mentioned in an email that he had “many causes” to unfold the message in Pennsylvania. “The tug-of-war run by President joe Biden has made us the world’s most ridiculous place,” he also wrote.

Making The Taliban Great Again
Making The Taliban Great Again

Wagner says the billboards will last for 2 months. The freedoms that younger folks have skilled since we landed in the nation will now be taken away from the Taliban,” Wagner also mentioned. He also instructed Fox Information considering the households who misplaced family members within the Center East – the nation these folks served and died with their tails between their legs for leaving Afghanistan. It appears like President Biden was hell to get out of Afghanistan – his conceitedness and lack of knowledge would be very unhealthy for America.

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