Experts Warn: Texas Grapples With The Worsening Numbers Of Covid-19 Cases As Health Officials Warn Of Full Icus.

ICU beds are running low, and health care employees are working frantically to find available space for those in need.

Amid both the crises at health care facilities as well as court battles raging over the legality of safety measures in schools, recent news of Gov. Greg Abbott positive test for Covid-19 has punctuated messaging from health officials that Texans need to remain vigilant during the pandemic.

Across Texas, health officials warned of overloaded, strained hospitals, a growing crisis not seen since early February, when a late winter wave deluged the state’s health care system.

New Studies Find Evidence  Of ‘superhuman’ Immunity To Covid-19 In Some Vaccinated Individuals 

In San Antonio, At least two hospitals in Houston have been so overwhelmed with coronavirus patients this week that officials erected overflow tents outside. A spike in virus cases reached alarming levels not seen in months, with children as young as 2 months old tethered to supplemental oxygen. 

The latest surge in Covid-19 hospitalizations this summer is having a deepening effect in Texas. A state that implemented mandatory mask-wearing, yet now faces hospitals stretched to capacity with sick patients. The state’s Department of State Health Services said Texas is in “one of its worst fights”. The mortality rate arises. Hospital capacity is worsening. Fatalities are increasing faster. There are 12,400 who was hospitalized last Wednesday.


There are no beds available and need to call from other hospitals throughout Texas, looking for availability as mentioned by Chief Nursing Officer Joycesarah McCabe told CNN Affiliate KWTX. Staff from hospitals had lost their relatives or friends while providing care at the rural hospitals.

The Texas DSHS is encouraging to get Covid-19 vaccines to stave off the worsening number of infections, saying only 322 ICU beds are available in the state. The department said that Full vaccination prevents nearly all cases of severe illness, hospitalization, and death. Health experts point to increase inoculations across all age groups as a way to help curb the pandemic. Texas has the most pediatric Covid-19 hospitalizations in the nation at 239, according to the latest data released Monday by the US Department of Health and Human Services. However, children under the age of 12 are not yet eligible for vaccination. The seven-day moving average of vaccinations for children ages 12-17 is increasing.

Covid 19 cases are rising in Tarrant as the county gears up for the holidays.

Texas governor is urging people to stay home a surge in community crisis, with some health officials calling for a stricter stay-at-home order. The spread is so rampant right now, there’s never a reason for you to have to leave your home according to Gov. Greg Abbott told CNN Affiliate KWTX.

The surge comes as alarming coronavirus trends have emerged across the several US States.

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