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Nicolas Cage Will Be In The Lead Role In The Movie: The Old Way

Nicolas Cage has been the hardest-working actor in Hollywood over the past decade and has given back blockbusters- all phenomenal! Today it’s all about ‘the old way,’ his new movie in the making, which Nicolas will lead in his old way…There is just teensy tiny information present in the market about the new hit, but whatever we managed to collect, we have presented here for you! 

If you are cage’s die-hard adorer, this is your time to see cage acting in a western for the very first time very soon! 

The film is being co-financed and produced by Capstone Pictures and Intercut Capital. David Haring and Christian Mercuri of Capstone are executive producers. Sasha Yelaun, Robert Paschall, Jr., and Johnny Remo of Skipstone Pictures produced with R Bryan Wright and Micah Haley for Intercut Capital. Saturn Films, Donowho and Cage’s production company, is also involved in the film’s production. Executive producers on the project include Fred Roos, Carl W Lucas, Joshua Bunting, and Mehrdad Moayedi and the project is still under development. 

In addition to The Old Way, he has several other Western-themed projects in the pipeline. John Cage will feature in Butcher’s Crossing, John William’s novel adaptation about the 1870s adventures of Harvard dropout. Both productions will be filmed in Montana by Cage. The Old Way’ will be directed by Brett Donowho, who directed ‘Acts of Violence’ in 2018. Carl W. Lucas authored the screenplay for the film. Donowho expressed his eagerness to work with Cage, whom he described as a “consummate professional. “It’s an honor and a delight to work with Nick on his first Western,” he added.

The Old Way Release date

There is no set release date for “The Old Way” because it has not yet begun production. It will be shown at the 2021 Toronto International Picture Festival by Capstone Pictures, which wants to find a partner to purchase and distribute the film. If it sells there, we might learn more about it shortly. After a fast calculation, it appears that the film will be completed by the end of 2022 and released in the early part of 2023. 

The Old Way Cast

It’s only Cage right now, straight off his well-received performance in 2021’s “Pig.” One thing is for sure: The selling pitch is that this will be the actor’s first time in a true Western. It is the first time I’ve been welcomed to the Western genre after 43 years in the industry, Cage stated, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Since I grew up in the West, this is a long-overdue match for me. There is little doubt Cage has starred in several films that might be classed as modern Westerns, even without being an actual cowboy. Red Rock West, about a wanderer who comes to town; Raising Arizona, about police and thieves and apocalyptic bounty hunters; one might even argue that “Con Air” fits. 

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We’ll probably learn more about the other elements shortly. A spiritual-sounding young woman is the main character of the story. In the film’s opening act, someone will have to portray a wife who is beaten up. It implies that there will be someone to fill the role of bandit leader for the gang. 

The Old Way Plot

Nicolas Cage will appear in The Old Way, a new Western. Born in the early 1980s, Cage has established himself as one of Hollywood’s most well-known actors during the past three decades. Since 1995, the actor has been in a handful of movies, including Leaving Las Vegas, bringing him his first Academy Award. It’s hard to believe that Cage has never been in a Western film, despite his hundreds of credits. 

Colton Briggs, a gunslinger-turned-general store manager, lives a peaceful life with his family and is portrayed by the renowned actor. His wife is murdered by many bandits, and Briggs returns to the saddle with his 12-year-old daughter to avenge her. “It’s a privilege to play in a new genre forty years into my career,” the acclaimed actor expressed thanks. With this little plotline, we can only guess a hell of a lot of drama, Mexico-adventure, and old-way battles coming up for us. 

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