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Candace Owens Backs Nicki Minaj For Standing Up To Liberal Media, Politics: She’s ‘not Playing That Game

The International rap star Nicki Minaj had an outburst with MSNBC host Joy Reid on Twitter on Monday. She was defending the right for people to choose whether to they wish to be vaccinated against coronavirus or not.

The famous host Candace Owens joined the “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Tuesday and supported Minaj in her fight against the leftist agenda. She said it’s “good for her” for not conforming as any other Hollywood star could easily do.

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She then said that these are the people, who when runs they keep on going around and get celebrities to endorse them. She then continued that these people then try to get them to speak on behalf of them and she knows Nicki Minaj is not playing that game.

Nicki Minaj Fire Backs at MNSB’s Reid for Vaccine

Minaj’s rebellion has shown the public a short show of what the Hollywood stars truly think of so-called celebrity allies. As  Owens suggested after various headlines reportedly made the artist was down for being uneducated on this particular matter.

She then said at the end of the day, what people actually think especially the Democrats is that people are stupid and they don’t know what is right for them. She then continued that these people like to come around every four years to votes but everyone at the end thinks Nicki Minaj and all rappers are completely stupid. And here Nicki Minaj, right now, is proving them the exact opposite as she’s not afraid.

Nicki Minaj had her first tweet about her cousin’s friend who literally turned impotent after getting the coronavirus vaccine and then she requested her followers to get to know all the details before taking the vaccine themselves and avoiding all the upcoming bullies into it.

Msnbc’s Joy Reid Addresses Nicki Minaj and Admits Her Own Vaccine Hesitancy Under Trump

Reid then gave his opinion on the rapper on “ReidOut” for sharing her view and said that Nicki Minaj can do better than this talk about vaccines. Minaj then replied to the anchor and put the anchor on blast, She exposed Reid’s own skepticism of the FDA’s rollout of the vaccine only one year ago. 

Candace Owens Backs Nicki Minaj

She said this is what happens when someone is so eager thirsty to bring down another black woman which shall be done by the request of the white man. She then tweeted, which you never bothered to read all my tweets. She tweeted stating imagine getting ur dumb ass on tv just after a tweet to spread how false your narrative is  about a black woman.”

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After this in support, Owens said that Minaj had accidentally stepped upon the ministry of truth indirectly challenging the party who wishes to muzzle anyone who asks questions. After that, she said the rest are playing a “dangerous game.

She said this might create more vaccine hesitancy than any time earlier because they’re making someone down who they love for no reason. “She then continued that they’re showing themselves to be what they are as the ministry of truth.

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