Joe Biden Follows Through On A Pledge To Take In More Refugees

The Joe Biden administration mentioned the U.S. will be taking in 125,000 refugees and their families in the upcoming year. This is being done to fulfill an earlier pledge that would help them in raising the cap that had been decreased to a historic low under his predecessor. 

The White House had kept the annual cap mentioning in a report to Congress, that said there were many numbers of displaced people all around the world because of all these conflicts, humanitarian crises, and climate change. Administrations always make a yearly recommendation in accordance with lawmakers.

Officials had earlier declared they aim to accept 125,000 families for the fiscal year that will start on October 1. The officials announce that the United States is willing to commit and to put efforts to provide protection and even promote durable solutions to all the crises faced by these families, which also includes providing resettlement for the most vulnerable,” the State Department said while releasing the report.

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In building up the target, the administration said they are focusing on various key groups, which also include Central Americans.  Afghans are at risk due to their affiliation with the United States, LGBTQ refugees, and members of the Muslim Uighur groups who are the targets of the Chinese government campaign to remove their culture.

Joe Biden Took Action On Pledge To Take In More Refugees

President Donald Trump while he was in the ruling had decided the number of refugees at 15,000, this was the lowest since the 1980 Refugee Act took place. President Joe Biden had gone through a lot of rages and was criticized a lot when he got slow to raise this upon taking office,  which ended for setting at 62,500 under pressure. Even after the recent evacuations from Afghanistan, the U.S. will begin to fall short by the time the fiscal year ends on September 30.

Joe Biden
Joe Biden

Sen said that he appreciates Joe Biden for moving up and setting a target of 125,000 refugee admissions in the next fiscal year. He said that the target his colleagues and he have been planning for since April. Dick Durbin, D-Il also mentioned while he was disappointed by the plan number of refugees to be admitted this fiscal year, He said that he understood the challenges the Biden Administration had put with the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program was done because of the anti-immigrant actions of the previous shown in the recent picture

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Biden finally worked on his pledge and had agreed to take in 125,000 refugees and their families in the next fiscal year, following up on an earlier pledge to raise a cap that had was never taken into action while Donald trump was ruling. While during that time White House decided to raise the annual cap in accordance with the report to Congress, saying there was a huge number of people who do not have a place to live all around the world because of all the conflicts going on, all the crises for humans and climate change. Finally, Biden stood up and after a lot of criticism he agreed to take in 12,500 families

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