Online Pokemon Trading Card Game on the Phone

Today’s news comes when the trading card game is celebrating its 25th anniversary and is in some ways more popular than ever before. The Pokémon Organization is releasing a digital, online, and smartphone version of the popular Online Pokemon Trading Card Game, and it’s happening right now. Pokémon TCG Live, a new app announced today, couldn’t come at a better time with the Pokémon card game re-exploding in prominence. 

Barry Sams said that Pokémon TCG Live would go hand in hand with the tabletop version that fans know and love, the vice president of TCG. So, trading card enthusiasts, what are your thoughts on Pokémon TCG Live and replacing the current TCG Online video game? Well, here’s what ours are! 

When Will the Online Pokemon Trading Card Game Be Released?

Online Pokemon Trading Card Game Live has no scheduled publish date. Still, it will be preceded by a Canadian soft opening on iOS and Android devices, as well as a global open beta for PC and Mac desktops. However, you will have to wait a little longer to download the TCG app. TCG Live will have a soft launch in Canada before actually going global for PC and Mac later this year, with cross-platform play included from the get-go. 

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What Do We Know About the App’s New Version?

It’s been nine years since the launch of Pokémon TCG Online (an app plagued by UI problems and compatibility issues), but the new Pokémon TCG Live will eventually replace it. However, it’s called the Pokémon TCG Online app, and it does allow you to collect cards and engage in online battles with other players. We know that this app was only supported on web browsers and tablets. Pokémon TCG Live is set to take its place, bringing a “latest update digital format” of the card game to mobile phones in its place. 

Online Pokemon Trading Card Game will be discontinued in conjunction with these developments. The Pokémon Company has stated that servers will be shut down and the 2011 app will be removed from digital storefronts before the launch of TCG Live, but no specific date has been given. You can use the app generally until it shuts down. When TCG Live hits the market, you’ll be able to transfer your banking information and some cards from TCG Online, but not others, such as in-game currency, companions lists, and avatar items.

Features in the Online Pokemon Trading Card Game

But it’s not all sundresses and tan lines when we talk about Online Pokemon Trading Card Games. As the transition from Online to Live continues, some features will be removed, unfortunately. For starters, the in-game chat feature will be removed from Pokémon TCG Live. Notably, it will not contain the “T” from TCG. You can’t trade cards with other players like you can in Pokémon TCG Online, as per the game’s FAQ page! 

Online Pokemon Trading Card Game
Online Pokemon Trading Card Game

On the bright side, an open beta will be available for PC and Mac users later this year before the game officially launches. The Pokémon Company hasn’t revealed any specific dates for the beta test or when Pokémon TCG Online will be shut down just yet. More information will be released on both subjects at a later time.

The Pokémon Company guarantees that with Pokémon TCG Live, new arrivals and veterans alike will get Pokémon’s classic deck-building game with accurate rules and multiplayer. There will be daily quests, custom avatars, and jewelry available for Pokémon TCG Live. The company promises a steady stream of new content after the launch.

Old Pokemon Games Were Shut Down In Target Stores

This spring, Target pulled the Pokémon Trading Card Game from its shelves due to safety concerns for its customers and employees. Long camp-out lines for new shipments and fights breaking out among collectors trying to get them were reported by mainline media at the moment. Now we know why pokemon games are a big deal! Hopefully, when the new Online Pokemon Trading Card Game releases, history doesn’t repeat itself. 

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As previously reported, the 2021 Pokémon Trading Card Game World Championships have been canceled by the Pokémon Trading Card Game Company, a dark thanks to Covid. It’s the second year in a row that the championships have been canceled due to the pandemic; in 2022, they will return as part of “an expanded celebration for Pokémon,” though the company hasn’t provided any additional information about their plans just yet. Stay tuned for more updates. 

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