SoftBank Fund Joins Goldman in Minting Latest Crypto Unicorn.

Blockchain infrastructure platform is also known as Blockdaemon has gained its stakes and has become a Series B funding with the maximum funds of $155 million. This funding is being done by SoftBank Vision Fund 2.

According to the recent statement made there were various investors for this funding. On the ground, funding of $1.255 billion is given to Blockdaemon. This funding includes participation from various investors including Sapphire Ventures, Morgan Creek Digital, and Matrix Capital Management. Other investors such as Goldman Sachs Group Inc.Kinetic and  Kraken Ventures were among those investors who made a lot of profit by investing in the funding according to the statement.

Blockdaemon has more than 40 blockchain networks including  Solana, Terra,  ETH 2.0, Bitcoin,  Cardano, Polkadot, and the Lightning Network. This also helps the institutional backgrounds to invest in all the new things such as digital coin transactions. These are done by millions of users all across the world and also include the largest exchanges, custodians, and financial institutions.

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SoftBank Fund Joins Goldman in Blockdaemon Round

Konstantin Richter, chief executive officer and founder of Blockdaemon is looking forward to bring crypto and decentralized finance to a wider platform and introduce it to the global mass market, in a regulated, compliant manner. He also added that they expect to require a lot of resources to work with regulators, and also get the rapid international expansion.

The recent funding round is done it gives more opportunity for new hires. Blockdaemon’s hiring in places such as Singapore, Japan, the U.K., and Germany, and also is open for strategic acquisitions, in accordance with the statement. Blockdaemon has expected a lot and if the fundings can help build products for Goldman then it will be a good opportunity for other large asset managers, as said by Richter. 

What is blockchain web hosting?

Blockchain web hosting also refers also called BaaS is basically a third-party cloud-based infrastructure for companies who wish to build and operate blockchain apps. BaaS works like a form of web host, which runs the back-end operation for a blockchain app or platform. The application of this blockchain technology has been expanded well beyond its best-known use in cryptocurrency transactions and has been expanded to address secure transactions of every type. As a result, there is an increase in demand for hosting services.

SoftBank Fund
SoftBank Fund

Consumers and businesses are rapidly increasing and are willing to adapt to blockchain technology. However, this might have a lot of technical complexities involved in creating, configuring, and operating a blockchain. Also maintaining its infrastructure also act as a barrier.

This network also provides an external service provider for all the blockchain technology and infrastructure. Once created, it can be easily handled by the provider to handle the complex back-end operations for the client.

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The operators typically provide services, like bandwidth management, suitable allocation of resources, hosting requirements, and data security features. This funding can help to create such a base for the companies and also all the new hires to take more interest on this end.


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