4th Stimulus Check $1400 for Senior Payment Updates: September Child Tax Credit Delayed

Will, there be a 4th stimulus check?

The IRS has given  169 million payments in the third round of direct stimulus aid. In this aid, more than 2 million people will be receiving the $1,400 checks in the month of July. But some officials are still pushing for the fourth round of stimulus aid. This fourth round would help in getting payments until the pandemic ends.

As of now,  due to the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus, the federal has paid out $3,200 to all the adults who were eligible, $1,200 to people for Coronavirus Aid Relief and Economic Security Act.  $600 will be provided in a December relief measure; and $1,400 under the American Rescue Plan 

Despite that, millions of Americans are facing unemployment, and the spread of the Delta variant is creating new economic problems. Almost one-quarter of Americans have been struggling to pay their household expenses, according to new Census survey data for the last two weeks of August.

The unemployment rate is still at 5.2% and is higher than the pre-pandemic level of 3.5%. Economists have reported over the spread of the Delta variant, has been grown to 5.9% from 6.4%.

Is there going to be a 4th stimulus check?

At the same time, 9.1 million people lost their jobs, when the federal benefits ended. That means about $5 billion in weekly benefits that had been given to unemployed workers aid that had helped those workers in paying for groceries, rent, and other important things. 

Meanwhile, few states are creating their own form of checks. About two-thirds of California residents are eligible for the check. That checks will give $600 for residents with lower or middle income who have filed their 2020 tax returns. 

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4th stimulus check update today 2021

The letter from the U.S. senators did not make it clear how much amount will be provided, but a separate effort from Democratic lawmakers in January pushed for $2,000 monthly checks until the pandemic ends. Instead, the American Rescue Plan helps the people by providing $1,400 for each eligible adult and dependent. 

When will the 4th stimulus check come?

Eligible families will receive $1,800 in December, and the amount will be given out in equal installments over the six months from July through December. The aid is done because of the expanded CTC, which is part of President Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan. Families who are eligible will receive $300 per month for each child under 6 and $250 for children between 6 to 17 years old.

Families might also get more relaxation of a tax break in the coming years if Mr. Biden’s American Families Plan is taken ahead. Under that plan, the Child Tax Credit’s expansion would last till  2025, giving families an additional four years of bigger tax breaks for children.

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

As of now, people who have received their stimulus payments said they’re using most of the funds to pay down debt or invest the money in savings, according to a report by the Federal Bank of New York. That indicates that people are using their funds to pay down the debt they incurred during the pandemic and kept it as an emergency fund in case of another shock.

Almost 7 in 10 Americans who have received,  a third payment said it’s important for them to control their finances. About 8 in 10 people in March 2020, when the pandemic was at its peak unemployment, but overall the share of people who need extra financial support remains elevated more than a year later.

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About 1 in 3 people said the stimulus aid will help them for less than one month, according to the survey. Millions of Americans were eased out of hardship due to the three rounds of stimulus payments. But when the stimulus failed, in the last fall when Congress was deadlocked on another round of aid. Unemployment increased a lot during the month of November and December, according to Census data from the University of Michigan.

Many people never applied for unemployment benefits that came along with stimulus check 4th as they were not aware if they were eligible, while others might have given up due to long waits and other issues. 

30 thoughts on “4th Stimulus Check $1400 for Senior Payment Updates: September Child Tax Credit Delayed”

  1. If u going to give seniors don’t forget senors being claimed on families income tax. We need it too our meds and bills continue to go up

  2. Well while leople wait and llay along with keeling peoples constant up and down yo yoing msgs just contradict our minds on when will this stop… Noone likes a tease’ in any shape or form… Duh??? What r u saying? Seems like youre stuck on ifs’. If they r gonna do whats right ? I know keeping everone mixed up they do thT well….
    Flip a coin thats fair isnt it???

    1. Amen not only young adults with dependents should be what child tax credit is for the grandparents are who or other family members to help and work middle class always hit hard with higher taxes while helping our kids and grandkids going further in debt but not offered any BIDEN HELP ONLY PAYMENT OF HIGHER TAXES STUDENT LOAN DEBTS STACKING UP BC PRIVATE OWNED COMPANIES DIDN’T GIVE A PENNY DROP COUNTY I LIVE IN COST OF LIVING IS 30-50% higher than wages always has been and is getting worse GRAYSON COUNTY TEXAS IS A POVERTY COUNTY AND THE MIDDLE CLASS ARE SUFFERING LIKE HELL AND GET NO HELP UNLESS YOU STILL HAVE A FREAKIN DEPENDENT I AM A SENIOR PARALEGAL with a college degree still having $20k student loan debt bc here minimum wage at a freaking gas station with benefits is more than what some make with a career self employed or business owner AND AFTER over 25 years I personally am considering walking away it has become so bad!!! IT STARTS TO BURN YOU OUT THE STRESS ALONE THEN SICKNESS NO HEALTH COVERAGE BC WE HAVE NO YOUNG KIDS SHOULD WE RUN AND ADOPT??? No but when will the government wake the hell up

  3. If u stop.these stimulates check to these lazy people that dont want to work and pay more more to the people who is working and need more money these lazy people laying on the couch will have to go get a job ,stop paying these lazy people that are to lazy to get a job ,this is bull crap ,

  4. The stimulus haven’t helped much bc the price of meat have went up so high and lots of other foods we need to live has also .

  5. We need help the kids is died people are died the hospital is full my husband owns his own business he is a Moving we are having a hard time because people is not Moving because of they don’t have the money we need help please! 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  6. Why doesn’t the politicians try helping the people on Social Security for a change. They think that the .02% raise or anything lower is sufficient for seniors and the disabled to live on. That raise only averaged out to $15.00/month which gets eaten up by the new increase of Medicare payments due each month, so people on Social Security end up with squat as usual. Back around 1963-64 the Democrats under Johnson were the 1st to borrow funds from the Social Security fund & since then it’s been a habit but they never paid the money back into the fund, that’s one reason amongst a few more why Social Security is running out of money.

  7. I am a disabled person in my early 60’s , that is having financial problems due to the inflation of gas and food prices . I think that we seniors and disabled people should get extra help like you are doing for the families you are helping now . Just because we are unable to work like normal people should be doing , doesn’t mean that we should be left out of money to help us out !
    I think I am speaking for all elderly and disabled people in this United States of America .

  8. Here in Michigan I had to wait 14 weeks then my old claim ran out tried to do a new claim and then I had to wait another 8 weeks so here to come to find out I had to prove my identity well listen nothing has changed same thing same place same address same everything and I have to prove who I am that’s fine but will it just me and my wife and helping out our kids as best we could I don’t ever want to have to deal with something like that again that was the hardest winter I’ve ever ever had to go through and then let’s get on to this $362 a week really the only reason they don’t raise it in Michigan and another important thing they took six weeks away from us which was wrong lot of us workers depend on that unemployment for the winter cuz some of us are seasonal and then oops made a mistake try to fix it try to get it fixed nope they took the money Michigan screwed me out of 4 weeks and that includes my extra $300 so where did that money go I know where the money went to all them jackasses and Lansing

  9. What about the.elderly or disabled that are trying to keep their homes and handle the rising food cost. Social Security pay barely enough take ends meet. The USA is in a real crap hole. No one cares about the low or poor class of people. Only money for the rich and that to me is anyone over $30,000. My social security is no where near that. I get less then $1,000 a month and have to live with my daughter or I would be homeless.

  10. There are people who have not received there stimulus check yet..I have three disabled children and I still don’t have mine ‼️ now they saying my ss#was used some where across seas ..I’m from Columbus Ohio.. really !!! It’s so many people not received there money..they only care about people who work …but they have money ..

  11. I am a 77 year old and I live off of my Social Security and a small SSI check I get to figuring and my social security is going to go up $4 and my SSI goes up 7 so I get a total of $11 how the hell is that going to help me it cost me more than that to go to the grocery store I have worked all my life and you got people out here having more kids just so they can get that damn stimulus check and you got people who have been offered jobs they won’t take it because they get more from their unemployment then they do for working then you have people collecting money from the government for having kid they sit back and put out kids just to get money from the government these people make more money than someone who’s worked all their damn life that is crazy and it’s not right

  12. I have been out of work because of the pandemic I have been back and forth with unemployment about my payments every two weeks I call for my weekly benefits I would get payments for a little while like for a month. Then all of a sudden stop I would call and call sometimes I was call and it would always be busy and trying to keep calling all day. I am a busy mother of 3 kids this has been very hard telling my kids they have to where a mask so they don’t get sick or I have to tell them they can’t play with there friends. And only that but very hard Financially That’s my only income and not even what to pay my bills and almost getting my electric and water shut off and trying to explain to them on why I’m not getting money from unemployment and sometimes they don’t want to hear it. Now since March I haven’t got any of the extra pandemic money from unemployment I haven’t gotten unemployment money since july of this year even before the payment in July that was back payment from May and June so I’ve been with no money and behind my bills have been behind I mean I get it that they have a lot of people that are calling but but now they have me under review and I’m not getting any money still and it’s now going into October and they still owe me from july up to now September 27 2021 and no pandemic money at all have left messages they gave me ticket numbers they have not call me back I get a letter stating that I have to go on the career link to go on for the job search and I do that and I still don’t get no money and I get no answer nothing not a single word still And I keep very close track on date weeks that I don’t get paid so that way say that I owe them mo money.

  13. NO
    Americans are having n extreme hardship. Why give OUR money to others. I’m ,66 worked my whole life
    The answer is NO. Everyone wants to come to American for a free ride. I believe our govt. Should stop it NOW. Thank you

  14. Seniors are not getting stimulus now nor health care workers but people with kids are because parents are lazy and I know for a fact not looking for a job

  15. My name is Melinda Symons I’m grateful for the assistance we received over the years with the stimulus help but I feel it’s very discriminatory at this moment but if I don’t have a children I’m single I’m getting no help and I barely make it just above the poverty level for my annual income and it’s just me I’ve been here my entire life born in the United States worked all my life do not understand why the average single American struggling cannot get any kind of stimulus assistance I am also a healthcare worker which I do not understand why healthcare workers also do not get an extra stimulus but if you’re a teacher work in the food industry and etc. you do and it is not fair there’s many people that Are essential workers and had to be out there and work through the first round and we’re face-to-face with these people sick I wish somebody would please explain the reason behind that thank you

  16. In regards to Food Stamps not only the stimulus program helping people out being single and barely making it paycheck to paycheck and Food Stamps were a blessing to me and many people and there was to be an increase and I have gotten a major decrease and I don’t even make near what the limit is listed as I wish I had some answers and could understand there are people that have children that make three figures receiving a stimulus check for themselves and their children I’m by myself amongst and many people I know without children struggling and born in the United States worked all my life paying taxes and I’m getting nothing in return I’m sorry but that’s how I feel please pass this on somebody read it i’m not the only one in this position.The papers I received regarding Maya and with my income and my snap benefits and from the state says there are non-discriminatory people they do not discriminate I feel I’m being discriminated as a white American born here working paying taxes barely getting bye to me that’s discriminatory I can’t even have Food Stamps somethings wrong

  17. Why don’t people on SSD or SSA get a stimulus check they have just as much problems paying their bills as those with young children they live in a fixed income but the cost of living goes up but their checks remain the same to me it not seem fare please think about that when it your parents standing in the food line or getting their water or lights turned off cuz they been playing the game of which ever one I pull out of the hat gets paid and justhopefor the rest of the things they need

  18. Americans are having a rough time and if it ever gets gets money too and they don’t live in this country how can Americans live cuz I need some rent money they need money who are their children when I can’t take what is right anything’s right if you do it by God’s word food to help those that are in need no matter where they come from you said whatever you do on your mission is my brother you done it unto me tell Reed to buy when you find out what you can do to help the immigrants have a nice day and God bless you

  19. Mr.President, people who are receiving SSI/SSDI,have waited and waited for extra help and ALL YOU have to do is sign the stimulus so we will not have to choose between buying groceries or buying our meds!!!! When wr recieve the monthly check, it will not buy grocery, gas,and medicine you KNOW how the cost of living has went sky high. There is a NEED for us and it dosent need to be months from now!!! You need to just sign the paper, I know you probably haven’t ever had to do with out, but we need to pay electricity grocery, medical needs!!!! Or make those business’ LOWER THE COST OF LIVING ALOT!!! It’s on you!!!!

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