Reno Mayor Hillary Schieve Found Covid 19 Positive: Shares on Twitter 

It seems like Coronavirus is paying immense heed to inclusiveness nowadays. The Delta, a giant, remains prevalent, and so it’s dangerous. Amid the data threat, shocking news has been uncovered. Reno mayor Hillary’s achievement has been confirmed to be corona positive. On Thursday night, Reno mayor Hillary achieve said she would be working from home for ten days straight as she has contacted covid and tested positive for the same. 

“I’m fortunate enough to be able to get a vaccination dose, says the mayor

Schieve revealed on Twitter that she is immunocompromised and is taking measures. In the 1990s, Schieve was diagnosed with renal failure and got a donated kidney from her sister. She stated that she had been feeling unwell recently and had been checked to ensure her safety.

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“As someone who is immunocompromised, like most of you, I have taken numerous steps this last year to keep myself and my family safe,” Schieve said on Twitter. “I got news today for you, (she added) I tested positive (for COVID 19), but I am fortunate that I was able to obtain the right vaccination, which is why my symptoms have been so minimal as of now,” she said. She will be self quarantined and working out remotely from home for the next ten days. I’m optimistic that I’ll be back on track shortly. I strongly advise you to be vaccinated if you haven’t already done so and stayed at home if you’re sick. Please, Reno, stay safe; we need you!” She said Schieve did not respond to any further comments. 

Reno’s mayor has long been a proponent of taking swift action to halt Covid 19. An emotional Reno Mayor Hillary Schieve gave an ambiguous plea last year. She was practically asking locals to skip Thanksgiving dinners with their families to help halt the spread of the coronavirus, which has surged in Nevada. Schieve, who has backed the governor’s attempts to battle the virus, talked to reporters via video conference just minutes after learning of the death of a close friend from COVID-19. 

Not the Only Leader to Test Positive for Covid

In recent weeks, Schieve has been the second local leader to declare a positive COVID test. Brian Sandoval, the chancellor of the University of Nevada, declared last week that he had assessed positive for COVID. In other viral news, former Republican governor Brian Sandoval, the president of the University of Nevada, Reno, confirmed that he tested positive with COVID-19 on Wednesday in a school email. The former governor of Nevada stated that he had been vaccinated, which he believes is the cause of his minor complaints. Sandoval’s statement comes only days after UNR’s most well-known graduate and student-athlete, Colin Kaepernick, came back to university for an athletics Hall of Fame banquet and a football game on Saturday night. 

Reno Mayor
Reno Mayor

Sandoval wrote to campus on Wednesday, “My symptoms have been relatively light, and I am convinced I will heal quickly.” “I’ll be distancing myself and working from home for the next ten days. It’s worth noting that I tested negative for the virus on Thursday, indicating that COVID-19 can strike suddenly and without warning.”

Covid 19 Resurges in Reno Again

The Hillary governed region is again witnessing Hospitals filling ‘at capacity’ as COVID-19 resurges in Reno. The Nevada Hospital Association’s president and CEO, Pat Kelly, stated, “Many hospital emergency rooms in northern Nevada are at max with people.” Washoe County Health District Officer Kevin Dick said the 30-day average number of daily new cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the Reno-Sparks area had grown five-fold in the last six weeks, from 354 at the start of August to 1,621.

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951 is the statewide rate. It’s 720 in Clark County, including Las Vegas, and 1,501 in the remainder of the state outside of Carson City. 

COVID-19-related hospitalizations were confirmed or suspected in 1,090 people across the state last week, according to state health officials. After spiking at 2,636 on December 15, they stayed around 500 from March to June before rising to 1,000 at the end of July. The rate increased, with 20 percent across Reno and over 26 percent in Elko County on Wednesday last week. The World Health Organization wants to loosen coronavirus limits by 5% or less. On Wednesday, the Nevada Hospital Association encouraged residents to be vaccinated, wear a mask, avoid having a COVID-19 test in an emergency room, and instead seek care from urgent care or their primary care physician.

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