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The Gop-led, Trump-supported ‘audit’ of the 2020 Presidential Election in Arizona Election Biden Won Announces

A controversial audit of Arizona’s election results proved that President Joe Biden had won last November over Donald Trump.

The results were reviewed for the election in Maricopa County. Maricopa is the largest county in Arizona, and then was released on Friday, after a draft report which was published accidentally on Thursday. The audit results were reviewed and declared and Trump lost by 261 votes, and Biden received 99 additional votes.

Citizens in Arizona’s state Senate commissioned to get the results of the audit in April 2021 after Biden became the first Democrat to win in Maricopa County since 1948 President Harry S. Truman winning.

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The election results check was financially handled by various groups and donors and was very much criticized. This was also criticized by Arizona Republicans. Maricopa County’s GOP-led Board of Supervisors mentioned the reports were “covered  with errors and very wrong conclusions.”

Arizona election confirms Biden won the Presidential election

After all, the verification of reports was done starting from the Cyber Ninjas leaked the results to the media on Thursday, Maricopa County higher officials highlighted that even the review had found the state was not “stolen” from Trump, as some Insider had reported earlier.

“The #azaudit election results from Cyber Ninjas finally confirmed the county’s canvass of the 2020 General Election was exactly correct and the candidates certified as the winners did, win,” the official county Twitter account stated on Thursday.

All the voters have criticized the election details stating it is a  partial process taken into action and it will not hamper the best practices. A report from many other states such as United Democracy Center came forward with the professionalism of those counting Maricopa County’s 2.1 million ballots, suggest flaws in the process could share all the negataived\  claims of “fraud.” The final product, they argued, “should not be trusted.”

Mark Lindeman, a member on election audits at the nonprofit Verified Voting, on Friday said that the Cyber Ninjas review was a “travesty.”

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“The election results showed the restrictions on the one who is manipulating the votes into and strict ruled were made, the reckless claims of fraud, the madcap search for bamboo ballots, and the so much fundraising on extremist ‘media’ outlets are just part of the voting legacy as said by the member in a statement.

Election in Arizona Election Confirms Biden Won

Earlier this year, Maricopa County had appointed two firms to audit the results of its election and know all the details of the software, with these reviews no problems were found correctly with the systems reviewed. This wasn’t enough for the state senate, controlled by citizens, however, this, in turn, led to hiring Cyber Ninjas for the difficult review, which also says lacks the safeguards of a normal audit and should not be the one that has a lot of trouble.

The recounting of votes process was filled with allegations of the ballots not being handled properly and cybersecurity was concerned, with workers at every point using UV lights to check for bamboo fibers in ballots, part of a conspiracy that China had somehow been able to help you with votes into Arizona’s election.

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