Brutal Legend 2: Is it coming? (Latest Update )

Brutal Legend is an action and adventure game that was designed and developed by Double Fine and was planned specifically to be published for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Double Fine released a new game called Psychonauts 2 around a month ago and all the game fans are wondering about the game and what the studio is still planning to work on for the upcoming sequel for the games. Is the studio planning to work on Brutal Legend 2? Let’s see if they are!.

After the release of Brutal Legend part 1, fans have been continuously requesting the release of the second part of Brutal Legend. As the first part of the game was launched in 2009 and it featured Hollywood actor Jack Black. After the steady response to the fan’s requests, the director of Brutal Legend, Tim Schafer has now shared few hints about the game. He had shared some hints about the release of Brutal Legend 2 shortly.

Is Tim Schafer planning to make a Sequel of Brutal Legend?

When he was asked about the sequel of Brutal Legend, Tim Schafer said in the interview that they might start working on the project on Brutal Legend 2 now as they have completed their project on Psychonauts 2.  On being asked more about the sequel of Brutal legend, he didn’t deny the making of the game but said that it would be a really difficult project to work on for a lot of other reasons. 

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He also said about the game that it is a bit tricky and he is connected to the game and had a lot of emotional attachment towards the game as he liked the more than one player part and everyone was so excited about the game. He also added that he is all confused about which game shall they make. He also said that it is difficult for him to decide whether to make the game that he wishes  to make or the one the fans want them to and it’s difficult to choose from.”

Brutal Legend 2
Brutal Legend 2

Meanwhile, he never denied the idea of releasing Brutal Legend part 2 and it looks like Schafer had his mindset to start working on other different projects rather than working the most demanded sequel by his fans. He said his wish to play Brutal Legend every Rocktober 13th until the world recognizes how amazing the game is.

Tim Schafer Says There Are No Immediate Plans for Brutal Legend 2

Fans of the game who have been eagerly waiting for the sequel of Brutal Legend for so many years are not likely to see the return of Brutal Legend 2. According to the reports, Double Fine has confirmed that the sequel of the Brutal Legend won’t be made or released anytime soon.

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This news was accidentally said by one of the members who worked for the Double Fine while they were discussing all the future projects. As per the news, it is more likely that we won’t ever see the return of Brutal Legend 2.  However, director Schafer showed no genuine interest in working on the sequel which means that this news could be true as he was more interested in working on new projects rather than on the sequel for Brutal Legend. 

It was also said that EA had declined the Brutal Legend 2 which also implies that the original game was not doing so well in terms of its sales even after all the fan base and involving actor Jack Black. It makes sense why Double Fine finally decided not to work on the sequel as they are working on new projects. 

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