Donald Trump May Face Criminal Charges To Upturn The Election In Georgia

Ex-President Trump might undergo numerous criminal charges due to his past efforts to upturn the elections in Georgia.

According to a report by the Brookings Institutions, a prominent think tank in Washington examined publicly available evidence that revealed that Donal Trump and his associates tried to force Georgia representatives to “change the legal results of the election.”

An important part of the evidence is the now-infamous call made by the ex-president to Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger on 3rd Jan, where Trump told him to find 11780 votes to uphold the triumph of the current president Joe Biden.

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Donald Trump said this numerous times during the call: “There is no way I lost Georgia.” Those statements were not factual since Joe Biden won the state by approximately 12000 votes and became the first Democratic presidential nominee to carry the lasting Republican stronghold as of 1992.

The Big Lie

According to the report, Donald Trump openly pressured and called many other Republican representatives to ask for their support to overturn his defeat in Georgia. The representatives also included Attorney General Chris Carr and Governor Brian Kemp. To go with his desperate plans to decertify his defeat, Donald Trump directly called the representatives on numerous occasions in December.

The report included that criminal charges could spread to some associates of Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani, his past personal attorney. Rudy Giuliani showed up in front of committees in the Georgia Capitol to persuade state officials to take unusual action to uphold Biden’s victory.

Raffensperger headed over a novel state voting policy commonly intended at a miserable audience in communities expected to vote democratic. However, he stays away from the lie of Donald Trump that Joe Biden got the victory unlawfully.

“Trump carried on to endorse the big lie”, said Raffensperger to the examiner, and after that, he is also fundraising off this issue, as Stacey Abrams has.

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Abrams is a Democratic former state official who worked for governor against Brian Kemp.  He got defeated in a closely contested race and protested against Brian Kemp that he administered voter dominance.

Since then, Abrams, elected for voting rights and voter registration, endeavors extensively to support Ossoff, Biden, and Warnock.

Donald Trump May Face Criminal
Donald Trump May Face Criminal

A spokesman for Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis said that the investigation was going on but refused to reveal extra information.  

The attorneys of Donald Trump have discharged the investigation as politically inspired. “It is just the new trick of the Democrats to score political points by persisting in their witch hunt against the Ex-president Donald Trump.” Jason Miller gave this statement following the investigation that was initiated recently.  

As an element of lawful investigation, Brookings’ authors report discovered the legal defenses the attorneys of Donald Trump could stand should the Fulton investigation, at last, result in a trial.  

The authors said that he could not be immune as a candidate who thinks he has succeeded in the election does not get any license to commit any wrongdoing in the persistence of that belief.

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In an interview with Journal-Constitution, Eisen mentioned that the state must calculate the ballots cast by the public and certify the presidential election outcomes are utmost over a candidate’s wants.

He also said that he would not be shocked if Donald Trump detailed his protests regarding Georgia representatives dealing with the 2020 election at his presence in Perry over the weekend.

Eisen also said that: Trump and his associates’ statements comprised a massive amount of false facts and misinformation. It is one more reason that it is vital to place the undeniable details out there.

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