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Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 Recap: Ivan Leaves After Breaking the Rules of Paradise

In the last episode of Bachelor in Paradise, Ivan and Aaron fought over Chelsea. A majority of the cast supported Ivan Hall as he appealed that Chelsea pulled him out to have a word. But, after Chelsea told her version of the incidents, she confirmed that Ivan was lying as regards who started the talk.

While Chelsea confronted him regarding his lie, he suspected that he never mentioned that she pulled him. Some began to wonder whether Ivan was just striving to acquire a rose so that he could meet a new person on the beach.

The drama continued to be big. An announcement by Wells Adams during the rose ceremony was given wherein he said that something had happened that he wanted to talk about with Ivan Hall. In secret, Ivan accepted that he snuck out of his room while the group sheltered from the storm to meet Alexa.

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Ivan, too, spent the night together on Alexa’s balcony, and he blamed his headspace for the instinctive decision and said sorry for breaking the protocol. Wells Adams recommended that he tell the truth. Before leaving the beach, Ivan confessed to every member of the cast, along with Chelsea.

Wells Adams reminded the cast the following day about the limited time left and advised them to think about their relationship positions seriously. The reminder from Wells ignited conversations with many of the couples, counting Mari and Kenny.

They both re-evaluated their bond, and Kenny was anxious that they had to “pump the brakes,” whereas Mari was ready to forge ahead. Maurissa was bothered that her feelings for Riley were not fully reciprocal, and Natasha knew that she and Ed needed to get closer to the others. As well, Abigail expressed worry that she and Noah were not as locked in as the other couples.

Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 Recap

Aaron thinks of leaving owing to how everybody, excluding James, rallied around Ivan. In addition, he was anxious that this turn of events means that he may not get any rose. However, James convinces Aaron to stay. At last, Chelsea came back from wherever the producers were keeping her to nurture drama.

She was stunned to know that she is in a love triangle, but she wasn’t asked to have a conversation with Ivan. Now everyone knows that Ivan is a liar. Chelsea picks Aaron to have a good time together, and she gives Aaron the actual story that rouses him to start kissing her.

The Entry of Anna Redman

Anna arrived in the Bachelor in Paradise season holding a date card in hand. She faced many challenges to find someone who wasn’t already in a relationship with anyone. Anna wasn’t able to make it with Thomas and Kenny. Later she met James, and he accepted her invite.

Both Anna and James spent a good time together on a date. The two were getting snake massages before they coupled up formally.

Another Newcomer in “Bachelor in Paradise”

Mykenna, another newcomer, came to the beach from Peter’s season of The Bachelor in Paradise. Mykenna can be seen earlier in the VIP party, in which she was introduced to many contenders. She also faced difficulty in finding a single person. Aaron was very frank to her.

However, he denied her offer on a date, which made Mykenna emotional. She felt like an outcast. The whole cast watched her being in tears.

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On the other side, Ed tried to make her feel comfortable. Ed encouraged her to stay and asked her for a date. Mykenna denied it at first, but later she accepted his invitation. After that, both went hand-in-hand. As the entire cast supported his efforts, Natasha faced one more denial.

However, Ed was happy with Mykenna, and both spent the night rollerblading around the resort before they finished with a nice dinner and a kiss.

In addition, Abigail wanted to express her feelings for Noah at the prom after not registering it while he said it to her. Noah did not wish to carry on if they thought their relationship would work out of Paradise. Moreover, he assumed he might love Abigail but not be in love with her.

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