Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis Heaved Their Mansion for 12.25 Million Dollars

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis have relisted their Beverly Hills mansion back to the market. The East Coast traditional is currently obtainable for the discounted rate of 12.25 million dollars.

The couples had earlier tried to sell their lavish home last year in June, demanding 14 million dollars. Later, the price rate of the house decreased to 13 million dollars. By October, the house was offered for sale at 12.25 million dollars or rent for 49000 dollars per month.

Following a few months, the listing came off the market in December last year. It returned almost a year later. At the present price rate, Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis selected this beautiful mansion for 10. 2 million in 2014, following their engagement.

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They have since shifted on to build a custom house close by from the ground up. Their Beverly Hills mansion was also recently shown in Architectural Digest. Ashton and Mila, while contrasting houses, show how the tastes of both of them have developed.

Though it no longer suits their style, the high-end house on the market is quite stunning.

Starting of Ashton’s career

Ashton Kutcher is a famous actor, producer, model, and entrepreneur. After taking part in an IMTA competition in 1998, he worked for the Next modeling agency in New York, featured in ads for Calvin Klein, and modeled in Paris and Milan.

After his success in modeling, Ashton shifted to Los Angeles following his initial audition. He played the role of Michael Kelso in the TV series That’s 70s Show, from 1998-2006. He was offered numerous film roles. Even though he auditioned, he didn’t get Danny Walker’s role in the 2001 movie Pearl Harbour. Later that role was played by Josh Hartnett.

Ashton Kutcher
Ashton Kutcher

Ashton was featured in many comedy movies, like Just Married, Dude Where’s My Car, and Guess Who. In the movie The Butterfly Effect, released in 2004, Ashton played a conflicted young man who time travels. Although the movie got negative feedback, it was a box office hit.

Due to scheduling conflicts with the shooting of the movie The Guardian, Ashton could not renew his contract for the 8th and last season of That 70s show, even though he was featured in its first four episodes. For this, he was credited as a special guest star.

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Ashton Kutcher has also produced and appeared in the action-comedy, Killers. In this 2010 movie, he played the role of a hitman.

Ashton and Mila relation

It’s been more than a decade from being co-stars to be more, but the two managed to make it work, although both Ashton and Mila were in serious relationships before they decided to shift from Friends with Benefits to further. Mila even said that the two made fun of her flick while they talked about the starting stages of their romance.

In the year 1998, the two appeared on the TV series That 70s Show. Ashton was 19, and Mila was just 14 at that time. During the show, both shared an on-screen kiss while playing the role of Jackie Burkhart and Michael Kelso.

Mila publicly said that it was not just the couple’s first kiss, it was her first-ever kiss, too.

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In 2005 Ashton left the That 70s show before its last season wrapped. Mila told Elle that they both remained in contact after he left, even if she still did not think about anything romantic with her past co-star.  

Mila broke up with Macaulay Culkin in 2011. She was with him for 8 years, and she told the public that she was not certain the relationship would have been the same if she was not older when the two met.

 On the other hand, in November, Ashton and Moore got separated.

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