Brian Laundrie Hit Her Girlfriend (Gabby Petito) in Moab City, Utah (Latest News )

Video footage from the Moab city police department displaying an official inspecting a case between Brian Laundrie and Gabby Petito. Both Brian and Gabby were missing following the incident.

Brian says on the video that he and Gabby got into a mirror brawl that started while he scaled into the van with muddy feet. Gabby said that we have only been fighting this morning due to some personal problems.

She also mentioned that she sometimes has very bad OCD and was only cleaning and straightening up. Her OCD makes her feel annoyed; that is what she said while apologizing to Brian.  

Gabby Petito: What she said

Gabby is emotional as she describes the event, crying most of the time in the clip. An official in a police report wrote that Brian Laundrie attempted to leave Gabby by telling her to take a walk to relax.  Gabby did not want to end the relationship and started slapping Brian. Then he grabbed her face and pushed her back.

As per the report, Gabby accepted that she slapped Brian Laundrie while she thought he would leave her in Moab city. Both stated to the police that Brian didn’t hit Gabby.

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Brian told the police that he, too, has OCD disorder and worried about the sand stuck on his feet. The police officers captured pictures of the numerous scratches on his face, neck, and arms.

The officers are deeply looking into any link between Gabby’s disappearance and the murders of Kylen Schulte and Crystal Turner. The two were seen alive in the city on 13th August, the day following Gabby’s incident. The bodies of Kylen and Crystal have been discovered close by the campsite, as per KTVX. Gunshot wounds were found on the bodies.

Steve Bertolino, the counsel for the Brian Laundrie family, in reply to the inspection, said that law enforcement needs to stick to the protocol and every lead they receive. Whether both these incidents deserve to be connected will be decided at some point sooner or later.

Brian Laundrie
Brian Laundrie

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is involved in both cases.

On Thursday, police officials in North Port held a press conference during which Gabby’s father requested for her safe return. Her father also requested for Brian to speak up and stop obstructing the inspection.

Joseph Petito visited the Laundrie family

Joseph Petito, Gabby’s father, said that what I want from everyone is helpful. This was all for the safe return of his daughter. He also mentioned that he was asking for help from the Laundrie family and friends and relatives of the Laundrie family.

Another press conference was held in NY wherein the family’s lawyer, Richard Stafford, read a letter written by the family to Brian’s parents, requesting them to give any detail if they have. Todd Garrison, North Port Police Chief, spoke out on Good Morning America regarding the incident. He said that there are no plans currently to get a search warrant for the house of Gabby and Brian.

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Todd said that he thinks Brian knows something from which we can find his girlfriend. But Brian is yet not available to be interrogated by the investigators or given any useful information. I can understand how Gabby’s family is feeling right now, Todd said. The lack of info from Laundrie is delaying the inspection.

The mystery will be solved ultimately. At this time, the police officials of North Port say that they don’t think the Utah event is connected with Gabby’s disappearance.

Brian’s parents handed the police officers the contact number of an attorney when they knocked on their house on Saturday night. Josh Taylor, North Port Police Public Information Officer, said that we do not have any idea what Laundrie knows; that’s the bottom line. We are hopeful to have a word with Laundrie. We want to know where he was on that day, where Gabby was, and about their locations.

The van in which the couple went was examined for evidence. There were a few things that will be inspected further, Josh said.

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Nichole Schmidt, Gabby’s mom, also stated that she had a video chat with Gabby on 24th or 25th August, though they used to chat via messages for some days after. She said that she is not very sure whether the text messages were sent by her daughter.

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