[VIDEO] ‘Blue Bloods’ Season 12 Premiere: Frank vs. Mayor Chase

With the premiere of Blue Bloods season 12 being released tomorrow, here vis all you would want to know about what’s coming in the episode?. As the news has gone out this season absolutely a chaotic situation, and a serious fight between Frank and Mayor Chase will create tension for more than just the first episode. 

Tensions are at their peak between Commissioner Frank Reagan and Mayor Peter Chase in Blue Bloods Season 12 that fans are so much waiting to see how will this end well.

In “Hate Is Hate,” Frank along with his detective son Danny is in an ongoing investigation. Frank is completely under pressure and is must answer the press while keeping a note of Chase’s responses while Danny is investigating with his partner, Detective Maria Baez on a case-finding out who’s responsible for killing a five-year-old in a neighborhood gathering.

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The season didn’t start well for Frank’s daughter Erin who had reopened a case in which her boss, was the primary witness, or his other son Jamie who had gone to fight for one of his officers only to cause more problems with his supervisors.

1PP vs. the Mayor’s Office

When someone kills one kid and severely injuring another, Frank and Chase kept a press conference and do not agree on the same facts. Frank even says he has done everything possible and now his hands are tied behind his back.

After Frank blames Chase for all the decisions he took, which also included the field and  NYPD’s budget, however, the mayor’s main focus is not to scare away tourists with rumors about crime and more guns. He needs people to feel safe as the city needs to get back on its feet. Frank strongly disagrees.

The shooter has noticed the anonymous tip and bumper sticker, and the mayor scheduled a press conference announcing his arrest.

Blue Bloods' Season 12
Blue Bloods’ Season 12

The two men were again called, in Chase’s office.  As promised by Mayor a bigger police presence, but that seems to be difficult with less police and less money. Chase refuses to be a team with Frank and arrange policies with him. Instead, he changes the conversation to an arrest done for another shooting. Frank denied to team up and agreed to Chase’s policies pretentiously. As the mayor is only focused on the economy he agreed to the ideas instantly. 

A Case That Should Have Been Kept Closed

Erin searched for all the possible evidence into the homicide her boss of what she had witnessed as a teen. Kimberly was not in favor however she said Erin and Anthony about all the details she saw. She then shared that Reggie and Sandra were arguing when she pulled out a gun and shot him straight in the chest.

However, the more Erin and Anthony dig into the matter clearly and found out the reason for Kimberly to be quire all this while. She didn’t have any direct connection but she was best friends with Sandra’s alibi, Leticia who was her daughter. Rumors also said Reggie was abusive. When they bring Sandra in for questioning, she didn’t have anything much to say, but she gave her prints on glass.

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Kimberly didn’t tell anyone as Sandra was a single mom; her best friend would’ve gone to jail. She then said that she’s embarrassed she didn’t take anything but as she supported her best friend she doesn’t regret her decision. She was protecting her friend, family, and herself. But now, Erin had to arrest Sandra for murder. An then Kimberly tells her, The next time she wishes to help she should not take any action. 

Who is most probably to Lose a Partner?

When Eddie and Witten reacted to a guy who fought for the cost of cigarettes, they followed him as he’s trying to run. But everyone tells them to let him go. Witten was even hit from behind, and then she pulls her gun. Jamie reaches the place and takes control of the situation.

But as soon as they got back to the station, Witten had an investigation for using her weapon for no reason. Both Eddie and Jamie try to defend her, but that was of no help. Captain Espinosaleft it to IAB, even though Witten was assaulted. Eddie checks on her partner and gave proper assurance. However, Witten changed her mind about her entire career now. 

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Jamie brings Espinosa video footage to show it to Witten, but the captain doesn’t care. When IAB asks any questions to Eddie, she defended Witten’s and they were even questioned on their apparent until proven innocent. But as she discusses it later with her husband Jamie, that she doesn’t have any idea if Witten wants to be a cop and can do her full duty. And the problem, he points out, is that you can’t do it if you don’t like it fully

Finding The Killer

After a five-year-old is shot, Danny brought his sock left at the scene to give Maggie some hints to help him with a lead. The father was behind the shoot and should be chased, she says, also sensing rage and jealousy. When Baez had an idea that her partner had contacted Maggie, she can’t help but ask if he was looking for any help. Danny argued to that saying she’s helped in the past.

Trailer for the CBS show

The set of Blue Bloods was shared on its official social media page. They gave a hint at the trailer that what the fans can expect from the upcoming season.

As the photos shoed, Maria and Danny will be together on the difficult case, Frank will have a confrontation with the mayor, Erin will go to the depth of the past and the Reagan family will meet at the dinner table, sharing beautiful moments and laughs. 


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