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Facebook is down, along with Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger

All the users globally experience the social media outrage on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp. When moving and using these particular social media sites websites, there was a server error showing “5xx server error. This also indicated that the issue started with Facebook’s servers.

All the users were unable to send any message or refresh the page to load any content on the mobile apps on these particular platforms. Other than these sites Oculus, which is Facebook’s platform for virtual reality, and also Facebook’s Workplace, even its all the business tools were down.

It even showed that the social media outage was caused by a domain name server fails The DNS or the domain name server is in general the structure that creates the web’s infrastructure. So, during the outage, if you had searched for  facebook.com, the internet won’t recognize what it is and where to find facebook.com.

Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger Are Down, Read the Main Reason Here

The trillion-dollar company, which always had gained on an approx of 2.9 billion monthly users being active on the platform, went down for an average of six hours. During that outage, the Facebook stock drastically decreased for an average rate of 5.5%.

This also shows the recent decrease in trend for all the stock of Facebook. Even after that Facebook also had a lot of complications with the Senate of  U.S. Senate after Frances Haugen had spread all the personal secretive documents to The Wall Street Journal.

Social Media Outage across all the platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp

A lot of users started to get their access after a longer period of the outage and users were able to use Facebook and other social media platforms such as Instagram and Whatsapp before 6:00 PM ET. Moreover, an update about the social outage was already posted by Facebook’s engineering team on Monday night.

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The company even share that their services are back into working fully after the outage and also mentioned that they are actively working to completely return the platforms to the regular way of working. They even mentioned that they are making this very clear that the root cause for this outage was a default configuration change.

The company also said that they have no proof yet if the user’s data was affected during the social outage. October 4th was not a good start for Facebook. Facebook being the most popular platform for social networks in the entire world was down at around 11:44 EDT

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While Facebook has not yet reported on all the details of what had happened and its effect on the entire social network being failed, During the outage all the website status sites which used DownForEveryoneOrJustMe and DownDetector also reported that Facebook’s server has gone down. The problem was just not maintained till the United States. There were various reports that the site has gone down all around the world.

Some Facebook users even reported after seeing the error message which showed as: Sorry, something went wrong. And even receive the message as they’re working on it and will get it fixed as soon as they can” Instagram and WhatsApp users were also receiving error messages that said they’re getting a “5xx Server Error.” 

Andy Stone tweeted who is Facebook Communications Director said that they are completely aware that due to the social outage people are facing issues to actress their social media apps. They also said that they are working on it and are trying to get things back to working as soon as possible, and they even apologized for any inconvenience caused.

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This outage happened just the morning after the whistleblower of Facebook Frances Haugen exposed all the details on 60 Minutes mentioned that Facebook’s research had shown that it spreads hate, misinformation, and political information to gain maximum profit for good attention from the public.

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