Mitch McConnell letter to Biden on Debt Ceiling

Mitch McConnell, Senate Republican Leader, wrote a letter to current US president Joe Biden about congressional Republicans’ responsibility to raise the debt limit.

In the letter, he said that for a very long time, his and Biden’s working relationship had been defined not just by their strong discrepancies but by common transparency and humble sincerity, too.

He also said that he was writing this to warn that the US was sleepwalking to a noteworthy and preventable danger on the debt ceiling clash.

Republican Putting pressure on the Democrats

Republicans are striving to pressure Democrats to raise the debt ceiling by themselves via settlement, a budget procedure that allows them to avoid a filibuster. Republicans think that will pressure Democrats to raise the debt ceiling to a particular figure instead of suspending it to any certain date that would be a more complex political vote.

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To date, Democrats have denied placing that alternative on the table. A senior advisor for Communications to the White House’s National Economic Council named Jesse Lee gave a reply on Twitter to the letter written by Mitch McConnell.


Lee said in his tweet: All Senator Mitch McConnell has to do to eliminate his political threat from the United States economy and American families is stop filibustering. Democrats will look after the debt limit while he denies it.

Democrats could make use of settlements for raising the debt limit distinct from a sweeping social spending invoice. However, view the move as procedurally dangerous and time-consuming in advance of the 18th October deadline.

They have been fast to note that Republicans could skip a filibuster of a debt suspension invoice, allowing Democrats to pass it by themselves akin to what Democrats did throughout the Bush tenure. In contrast, Republicans had control of Congress and the White House.

Biden on the debt ceiling

Biden argued on Monday that Republicans were being two-faced and reckless with their stand on the debt ceiling. Republicans in Congress raised the debt thrice during Trump’s era and every time with Democrat backing. However, at the moment, they won’t raise it, although they are responsible for over 8 trillion dollars of invoices acquired within 4 years under the previous government.

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The statements following Mitch McConnell’s conference obstructed a suggestion to raise the debt ceiling the previous week. On Monday morning, Schumer too sent a letter to his colleagues. In the letter, he wrote, we must get a bill to the president’s desk handling the debt ceiling by the end of the week.

Since president Joe Biden and Democratic leaders center on extensive and transformational government investments in education, climate action, and medical care, McConnell is making a risky bet that Democrats will fold under pressure from Biden as the debt deadline approaches.

That will take place within a couple of weeks, as per Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen. Increasing the debt ceiling via settlement would take Congress a minimum of one week, as per budget professionals.

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Biden and the Senate minority leader worked hand-in-hand to prevent default in 2010 and prevent the economic cliff of 2012, while a host of tax cuts were about to terminate.

However, unlike those previous collisions, Mitch and his Republican associates have no policy aims they wish passed as a stipulation for suspending or raising the debt limit.

Instead, the Grand Old Party wants the president and his Democrats to drop their push to extend the security net, take action on climate, and raise taxes on the rich.

The Biden Government, for its part, deployed Yellen to invite Mitch on 15th September to highlight the fiscal costs of a possible default again.


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