$760,000 Social Security Fraud Charged Supervisor Her Harley Davidson, Nc Judge Says

An employee previously working as a member of the Administration of Social Security that is placed in North Carolina is blamed for not saying the truth for receiving more than a total amount of $760,000 in benefits over a period of 8 years.

Is Stephanie been punished and imprisoned?

Stephanie Chavis was a single-time operations supervisor and in the department of administrations at the workplace of Fayetteville. She was sentenced this Monday to be imprisoned for straight 5 years and 5 months in the federal jail along with that she is required to follow a total of 3 years launch under supervision, along with visiting the U.S. Attorney’s Office of North Carolina.

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All the records provided to the court mentioned that Stephanie was given an order to pay $760,966 in compensation and also quit the bike she used to ride the 2011 Harley Davidson. Gail S. Ennis, who is the inspector in charge of the Social Security Administration mentioned that “Stephanie Chavis had used all her rights in her official position and all the effects for the Social Security Administration to steal approximately for $760,000 in the funds for the taxpayer and even mentioned, that the fraud was not covered throughout any audit that happens regularly.


Chavis’s public defenders who are representing her didn’t reply directly to any request for McClatchy News’ for any detailed request given on Wednesday. Stephanie is born and brought up in Saint Pauls, North Carolina. She came from a small city that on average has 2,100 residents. Social Security Administration is one of the federal companies which handles the retirements of the people, survivor benefits, and incapacity to all the eligible people.

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Out of all the packages which are below the program for Supplemental Security Income, and that is meant to guide the folks who are over the age of 65, those who are blind or have any disabilities with a minimum or no income at all.

Previous Social Security Administration employee sentenced to 5 years in prison

From the year 2010 to 2018, Stephanie Chavis was charged for stealing a total of $761,000 in SSI payments for the old people. This plan is especially for the people who don’t have any kind of advantages of the total quantity of advantages of SSI. She was presented in front of the grand jury for 13 counts of wire fraud, a lot of id theft, and stealing the presidency property as of October 2018. As mentioned by a supervisor, prosecutors, Chavis was aware of all the entries and the accounts.

Along with that, she had the complete idea of all the techniques of figuring out the secretive information of Social Security beneficiaries. She along with that has managed approximately nine financial accounts which belonged to her and her related people.

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According to recent reports, Stephanie even had shown her Government provided PIN to check into the accounts on an average of 62 Social Security benefits which were planned to be provided and had even stolen their personal information After getting access she had used the information to get the unauthorized underpayments from SSI.

Ennis said that they will continue to search and also find out and take strict actions of the employee fraud and also take strict action on all the people conducting such activity into account. She then said that the situation is critical to keep the public’s trust maintained in Social Security. She even thanked the U.S. Attorney’s Office for their support of the investigation and all the efforts brought this to a valid resolution.

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