Miya Marcano- Body Of a young Girl found Dead, Suicide or Murder?

It’s a heartbreaking incident where a young college-going girl named Miya Marcano was found dead near her apartment. She was a student of Florida College, which has been confirmed by the police authorities. The last time Marcano was seen on September 24 at her home in the Arden Villas apartment complex in

Orlando. It’s really strange and a tragic incident where the lives of people are not certain. Marcano was supposed to return home through a flight to Fort Lauderdale, but a news report says she never came to board the flight. Her mutilated body was found on Saturday behind an apartment complex, Tymber Skan Lake. 

Armando Manuel Caballero – The Prime Suspect For The Killing Of The Young College Girl.

Initially, it was a bit difficult to find out the person charged for this heinous act. Still, soon it was revealed Armando  Manuel Caballero was the one holding the prime suspect for the murder of Miya Marcano. The Department Of Police has to say they have tracked the cell phone records and found his name in the call list. He was there in or near the apartments on the same day Marcano went missing. 

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Who is Armando-? What’s The Reason Of This Brutal Murder

Armando was a 27-year-old guy, and he was a maintenance worker who was stalking Marcano for quite many days. His interest in the young girl started increasing but got repeated rejections. It was stated by Miya Marcano when she was alive.

Miya Marcano- Body Of a young Girl found Dead, Suicide or Murder?
Miya Marcano- Body Of a young Girl found Dead

Police and the other authorities have to say this could be the valid reason behind the murder of the unlucky girl. After rejections and rebukes, a heartbroken has gone to such an extent of murdering not only the person but also her soul.

The Master Plan Was Already Done- Armando killing Caballero

The Valencia college student reported missing from September 24th has created a massive outrage amongst the people and the students who were close to her and were her well-wishers. After the investigations, Caballero had the master plan and had key chains where he was accessible to her apartment. Caballero made repeated proposals which she firmly opposed. Caballero was also found dead on September 27.

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It’s the case of suicide. The Cop John Mina said that cell phone records say that Armando was there at the Timber Sky apartments for few minutes on the day Of  Miya Marcano went missing, and there is no sign or proof of him returning before he committed suicide.

What’s the Cop has to Say about the tragic incident that took place In Orlando?

Miya Marcano, a young, enthusiastic college-going girl with a bright future, was found dead near her apartment Complex. The Orange County Police said the body was found at 10: 45 a.m., where the body was badly mangled in a wooded area. According to Sherif Mina’s statement, Armando Caballero is solely responsible for the death of Marcano. Everybody, there was grieved and heartbroken.

Nobody expected this unfortunate incident to take place and will ruin somebody’s life. The most difficult time is facing his parents and relatives who have lost their only child.

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