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Coast Guard Investigates Cargo Ship That Was in the Area of Massive O.c. Oil Spill

Recently the Coast guard of the U.S had found a vessel located in an Urban center as an investigation was done on whether an associate of the ship has broken the pipeline of Orange County’s coast and if he had spilled crude of 144000 gallons. 

The ship was earlier located at the pipeline area just before the visibility of the spill was seen, as per the reports provided from the investigation that took place. However, the ship was then seen heading in a northern direction. Investigators were still searching for any specific details which showed the ship’s movement and other information to find the reason for the cause of the spill.

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Moreover, a part of the more vast investigation was an exam that was taken on the way spill might have caused that too inside waters. The final results of the investigation of the spills might take months to be published, but all the guards at the Coast are possibly believing that an anchor of the ship has broken the pipeline. However, all the officers in the investigation said that the reports are still in their early stages.

Huge German ship a focus of the investigation into Orange County oil spill, AP reports

According to the data provided by Global positioning said that a container ship of German, was seen on Friday near the place where oil was spilled and On Wednesday the same ship was seen in Oakland’s port. 

The incharge working as the spokesperson with Hapag-Lloyd, which is the main German company that is the owner of the ship, explained that the ship was tracked and at that time the location where the spill is, was at a distance from where the pipeline was located. He even mention that the company would give full support to the investigation.

Coast Guard Investigates

Skytruth’s president, John Amos, which is a nonprofit firm and which uses technology using satellites to track all the issues with the environment, mentioned that his company has been tracking the data of movements of the Ship on Friday night the day when the spill was seen first. As per their report, the ship was seen in the location nearest to the pipeline.

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However, as per reports, the ship was never near  1,500 feet, according to the date given by satellite. And it is seen that the ship had a semicircular motion. That distance was very unpleasant that any anchor could have affected the spills said, Amos.

Cargo ships’ located near rupture sites raise questions

Hapag-Lloyd was also well informed that few marine traffic reports proved that the ship had slightly changed its direction was anchored, however, that felt wrong as said by Haupt. He even added according to the captain of the ship and daily updated the ship never left its place for many days.

The report of the spill wasn’t given until the morning of Saturday, starting pipeline which was at the Port called Elly. All the reports from submarined viewed that a section of 4,000 ft of the almost 18-mile pipeline was detached to an approx of105 feet and even showed a split of 13 inches long.

The federal sources even mentioned and explained the situation saying an anchor of the ship was hanging across the floor of the ocean and it hooked the pipeline. As the report mentioned there were massive cargo vessels in the exact area where the leak was seen. 

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With all the nearer ports especially of Los Angeles and Long Beach within an approachable range, container ships were able to leave their huge, anchors in required sites that keep them near platforms of oil. Just like controlling the traffic of air, the Marine Exchange also handles the vessels being moved. Their actual work starts when the ship gets in within 4 days.

Under all the other conditions all the ships are provided a spot for anchorage. However, in the last some months, all the ships reaching a range of 25 miles till the ports have been given an area which is in between the island of Catalina and the Palos Peninsula. After reaching the port the engineers close their engines and move in the wind and current.

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