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Biden and Chinese President Xi are planning to hold a virtual meetingBiden and Chinese President Xi are planning to hold a virtual meeting

The U.S. administration reported that U.S. President Joe Biden has finally agreed to hold a virtual meeting in close doors with Chinese President Xi. With the outbreak of COVID-19, China’s policies and foreign relations have gained public interest. On the one hand, every country is making a move to associate it with any political agenda. Chinese diplomats are creating a mixed picture by settling for solutions. The reports and opinions reflected a deterioration of the country’s image, foreign relations, and economy. 

A virtual talk with Biden

The sources have revealed that President Joe Biden and Chinese leader Xi Jinping are mapping out to hold a virtual meeting before the end of this year. The countries have come up with a mutual agreement to instill formal talks. The officials said that it would be an “agreement in principle.” They further added the talk’s agenda as a part of managing the competition between the two countries. 

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“We do have out of today’s conversation an agreement in principle to hold a virtual bilateral (summit) before the end of the year,” U.S. officials released the statement in the press.

U.S. officials have informed that this meeting will be a follow-up of the prior call of Joe Biden with the Chinese President Xi. The conversation between these two world forces can be a pressing reset button. This promising indication can lead to better communication and mutual understanding between the two countries on international concerns.

Biden and Chinese President Xi

White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki has said: “We are still working through what that would look like, when and of course the final details we don’t have quite them yet.” 

It will be Chinese President Jinping Xi’s first meeting since the outbreak of the COVID-19 last year. Other countries, too, have their eyes on this meeting of the two most powerful forces of the world. It might have an impact on other countries as well, including India, and other neighboring countries. 

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With a constant tussle in trade relations, U.S. Trade Representative Katherine Tai states to hold discussions with Chinese diplomats and policymakers in Paris for Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development meetings. 

Growing relations between the US and China

As per the resources, the President had spoken to Xi on the call earlier about the meeting. It lasted for more than one and a half hours. However, the meeting was held for this month, but it is still not revealed if the meeting was official. 

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