Insurance Funds Will Get Over $2.4 Million Transfer from Lake County Council 

In a recent report, it was said that the Lake County Council would be taking a huge decision on Tuesday. The council will vote on a 2.4$ million transfer from the Lake County Election, Highway Department, and Voter Registration Board towards Insurance funds.

Decision Of Transferring Funds Is Taken To Lower The Future Burden

Each Lake County official is working very much dedicated to bolstering the county’s reserves in the health insurance fund. In addition to that, they also want to contribute towards the liability fund by $5 million, which will help us get back to the pre-COVID medical facilities system. This statement was given by Scott Schmal, the Lake County’s Council’s main finance director.

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Scott Schmal, Finance Director Of Lake County Council, Put His Viewpoints

As soon as the 2021 year-end approaches, the county will begin the movement of money access into the liability and health insurance funds. This information was presented to me by Scott Schmal again. He added in his statement.

 “We just want to take all the items of surplus and then want to move it into the liability and insurance funds. If we do this, then it will lower our burden on our government for the future years.”

Tuesday Will Be Main Decision Day

According to our sources, Tuesday will be the day for the ultimate decision of voting on the transfer of funds. On Tuesday, the council will reduce the registration and election board’s budget by at least $2 million.

Insurance Funds
Insurance Funds

The amount will be bifurcated in this way, $900,000 from the Election Day Workers line item, $100,000 from the printing line item, $175,000 from the seasonal employees line item. It will also include $25,000 from the property rental line item and at least $800,000 from all the other equipment line items.

Director Of Election Registration Board Michelle Fajman Supports The Decision

Michelle Fajman, the director of the Election and Voter Registration Board, also said that our department offered to give back the county the value of $2 million. The department requested the amount and received it according to our budget for 2021 for special elections.

But no special elections were held this year, so we decided to return the money we got to the county. “ we are giving back the money we are not using,” Fajman said.

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Now returning to the $2 million amount, Fajman also said this value won’t impact the future elections held in 2022 because they will be easily covered in the 2022 budget. The council has also decided to vote on reducing the amount of highway department insurance funds. The reduced value will be $405,980, and it will be transferred to the county’s health insurance fund reserves. 

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