Column: IRS Warns of Identity Theft Signs…

Recently it has come to attention that the Internal Revenue Service is planning to team up with the higher-ups of the sales along with the industry who prepare taxes to warn the tax authorities about any signal of identity theft. IRS and its partners being a part of the initiative taken by the security summit have been planning to provide awareness among the public awareness this summer and complete it in form of a campaign. In turn, these will help to reduce the risks of cybersecurity for most people in the tax authority.

As recently in a meeting, the Security Summit said that there might be some chances of identity theft.

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According to the reports provides there was seen a clear sign of fraudulent claims which were worth billions of dollars from the amount which were for the benefits of the unemployed and all for all the other relief plans for people and to help the residents of the state affected due to the pandemic especially after the government changed the guidelines to apply for the programs.

Recently it was detected that most of the scammers who are based outside of the US  have been using fake identities of the people of the U.S and stealing their identification to get the benefits of the reliefs. All the in charge of the tax identification have been asked to be very thorough with their client tax returns.

IRS Warns
IRS Warns

As said by IRS commissioner, Chuck Rettig,  there are a lot of identifiable signs of the ongoing identity theft that can be missed by anyone even the pros. He even mentioned that these people steal their identity and look for all the opportunities to keep on stealing the data so that they can easily get the benefits. He even added that he is requesting all the officers to take all the steps and keep on looking for any sign of such thefts or stealing of data as they are very serious and can hamper the entire system.

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What are the Guidelines to Follow to check Identity Theft?

The IRS even mentioned it any official who reports identity theft usually don’t immediately recognize any sign of the theft being taken place at that particular time, The officials have been warned to be more attentive to this kind of theft and to look out for the signs given below:

  • If any client’s tax file got rejected while applying online as it said the Social Security Number has been used already on a different return.
  • The person applying for tax returns gets more acknowledgments of e-file even more than the number of the tax return filed by them.
  • All the clients have replied to the emails of a different tax preparer.
  • If any client faces unusual slowness or unexpected network or system issues like the software or it latkes longer to take any action on the page.
  • If the client sees the cursor if the system moving automatically or the numbers are changed automatically without them touching the mouse or keyboard.
  • If any of the officials are suddenly locked out of the system or network.

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What other steps are to be taken to keep this theft in control?

It is even asked all the officials to check for all the reports given by the clients which they have received:

  • If they receive any letter of authentication by IRS such as 5071C, 4883C, 5747C and also when then client even had filed any return.
  • If a client receives a refund for tax without filing a  tax return.
  • If a client receives any transcript of tax without even requesting for it
  • If a client receives any kind of phone calls or emails from nd tax officials which was not even initiated by them
  • If there is any report by any client that someone had created an IRS online account without the consent of the client
  • If there is any notice that the taxpayer had received any notification that someone has tried to access the IRS account.

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All the tax officials are needed to make sure that they provide the highest security for the clients. If any of the officials or the firm fails then this can lead to serious data theft By doing so the IRS criminal Investigation will be notified and immediate actions will be taken against those accounts and can block all the fraudsters trying to access the client’s account.

Where does Shall An Official report the Identity theft?

The IRS had even asked all the firms and officials who are falling victim to such identity theft should first email the tax administration at the email address provided that is  and also fill in the victim’s details according to the states. Most of the states have the criteria of having the state attorney be first informed about any such thefts and then further actions would be taken.

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