IRS: Drought-Stricken Farmers, Ranchers Have More Time to Replace livestock

Recently all the Farmers were forced to sell their yearning as there was a doubt of drought this year. As the farmers were forced to sell their live stocks the government is planning on providing them with an additional year along with the reduction of tax for the forced sale as said by the Internal Revenue Service.

As the livestock of the Farmers were sold they were provided with relief. The eligibility criteria to qualify for the relief was that the farmers should have sold the livestock under the drought condition itself and these reliefs are for the specific regions which were affected by the drought conditions.

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This is a new rule for all the members who are eligible for all types of assistance from the government directly for all the losses. As per the notice posted on the official IRS website according to the notes 2021-55, only 36 states and one territory are eligible. 

Drought-stricken Farmers Have Much More Time to Replace the livestock

The plans for providing benefits to any Farmer generally are based on the capital gains and also are given to all the eligible farmers whom all are having livestock that is kept for the draft, breeding, or dairy.

If any farmer had sold any of his livestock, basically if the livestock is raised to be slaughtered, or kept for the use of them in any sport, or use the animals for poultry purposes then these people are not eligible.

IRS: Drought-Stricken Farmers
IRS: Drought-Stricken Farmers

Only those farmers are eligible whose sale was completely affected by drought and the government has marked all the area and only certain places and farmers are eligible. Livestock is usually replaced within a 4-year time period or within the 2 years period.

The IRS might even replace or extend the timeframe which completely depends on how long the drought will stay and accordingly the timeframe will be changed.

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The extension of this 1 year as per the notice has given the farmers a lot of time to get new livestock and even start earning using that livestock. All the other details Details, which also include a detailed example of how it works are completely uploaded on

Are Farmers provided with an extension of Livestock After the sale of Drought Yet?

The IRS has given these types of advantages to all the farmers who were eligible and had to sell their livestock all because of the drought which would be applicable over a certain period that is eligible for the four-year period for replacement, if any of the selected regions is listed as the place which is suffering from an exceptional, extreme, drought conditions which will be eligible between any week starting from 1st September 2020, and 31st August 2021. This severity will be measured only by the National Drought Mitigation Center and no one else.

This in turn is qualified for all the qualified farmers and a for whom the sale for drought and the replacement period was on the expiry date of December 31, 2021, in almost all the cases now and all the farmers now have till next year tax period to replace their sold livestock.

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As usually the sale for drought and the period for replacement was 4 years, this extended time period also affects the sales that had happened during the 2017 drought sales. Mostly the period of replacement for few salles of drought which was held before the year 2017 were even affected as the previous sale for the drought along with the extension had affected a lot of the people.

All the other information which was reported on sales of drought sales and all other tax issues which were related to farms were even found in 225 Publication, Guide for Farmer’s Tax, which was even available on


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