Stimulus Check Updates: News on IRS Tax Refunds, Child Tax Credit, California Stimulus, Unemployment Benefits

This pandemic has caused a lot of trouble for Americans all across the country, especially affecting people financially all around. However, it is seen that the US government is completely chasing the stimulus checks for all the people in need and have introduced a lot of programs on the state level that are trying on and providing financial support for all the families in these tough times.

Benefits for the Unemployed people

All the benefits provided for unemployment have already been ended on the 6th of September 2021 and along with the federal, all the states even ended the benefits earlier than expected, however, all the others have got a resolution to the extension of unemployment benefits. And as per the news people have been asking Congress to help all the residents who have been facing issues due to the sudden cut of Unemployment benefits. Due to the sudden cut, a total of 9.3 million people were affected by unemployment.

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Payments provided for Child Tax Credit

Most of the families who are qualified will be receiving only half of the amount for the child tax credit for the year 2021. It is more likely that payments will be done in advance due to changes in the system of Child Tax Credit. Half of the payment will be done this year and the other half will be done by 2022 in the next tax return period.

However, receiving a check for the Child tax can help you a lot when you have no income. And for all the people facing issues with how to apply for the child tax credit, the White House along with the Treasury Department have planned on to launch a website for the American to apply for the benefits of a Child tax credit.

Refund for Tax planed by IRS

Internal Revenue Service has planned to give a lot of other reliefs due to COVID-19 for all the people who are suffering all kinds of losses in this pandemic, and these plans will help and a lot of people in these tough times.


Hopefully, all the benefits provided to unemployed people by the US government have been in action and will be made public in few days. And due to these relief programs the pandemic and all the resources, the tax returns for 2020 were delayed by IRS. As people have been delaying the refund for income tax and in turn, the refund will be delayed for tax payments.

When will the Fourth Stimulus Check be provided?

Although it is more not likely to have a fourth stimulus check any time soon the US government has been coming up with a lot of other means to support the people in need even if they don’t receive the fourth stimulus check. 

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All other benefits are given by the US

Other than the planned reliefs there is also one other program to be aware of a program called the Supplemental Security Income program. In this program, all the adults along with children who are having any kind of disability or any kind of sources that are lower than certain eligibility criteria can get monthly payments to adjust their basic needs.

The Highlight For the US Benefits

Another relief program other than the benefits being provided recently for helping American families to get some amount to fulfill their basic needs is Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. This particular program is basically a nutrition program and is even called food stamps to help families to get healthy nutritious food. And mostly in few states, these types of benefits are being provided from October and the amount is rising from $680 to $835

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