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Watters’ World’ investigates Nancy Pelosi’s financial dealings up to $315 million in assets

Nancy Pelosi the House Speaker had been a part of the Congress for almost about 34 years now and at present, she is at the top position and undoubtedly one of the most powerful bodies in the US government. However recently due to few difficult decisions are taken by her and the decisions she to take and even participate as a leader.

Moreover recently news was spread by Fox News along with Jesse Watters who had been the host of an investigation of the “Watters’ and all the ways of dealing with the financial matter even at this highest position in politics. 

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Recently, Nancy Pelosi was not able to pass on the bipartisan bill as all the heads of her party had disapproved of passing it. Watters, later on, said that they have been trying a lot hard for every American to receive some amount to fulfill their basic needs and helping the people with the taxes.

However, the present salary of the speakers of the house is below the 6 figures and yet Pelosi had managed to be the richest member of the party. And her secret to be so rich is because of her husband, Paul.

‘Watters’ World’ further looks into Nancy Pelosi’s financial dealings up to $315 million in assets

Paul had started a real estate and venture business after his marriage with Nancy Pelosi. and with all his connections he had made a way for Nancy in the world of politics and had helped her to get elected in the year 1987. Watters said that the couple had worked perfectly over the years even when Nancy Pelosi was an insider in Washington.

The Pelosis have a lot of areas of real estate which also contains a huge mansion in Napa Valley which is worth $25 million, along with a waterfront condo of DC which was worth  $2 million and a mansion made of red brick which is located at California’s Pacific Heights. PAuls even have a commercial property which is located in San Francisco which was worth $50 million. 

Nancy Pelosi’s financial dealings up to $315

Water then added that in the year 2018, the wealth of the Pelosis’ has also skyrocketed. He then added that in that particular year, her disclosure of her financial report showed a total worth of $114 million. However, in the year 2019, Pelosi’s assets were calculated and it was worth $271 million.

In the year 2020, the value was even higher to $315 million. In the year  2007, Visa was tense about the new people in the Congress who would have an eye for the fees and it might cost them billions. Thus a team of lobbyists was hired to work for Pelosi as said by Watters. 

All the Financial statements of Nancy Pelosi are out!

Water then continued that Paul Pelosi had suddenly, received a phone call which was of his broker and it sounded like he got the luck Paul was given an invite of the prescreened to get direct access to the $18 billion IPO of VIsa.

Nancy and her husband didn’t even hesitate once and bought the visa stock worth $1 million and $5 million worth of Visa. However, while the bills were getting checked all the bills which would have hampered Visa’s stock price were blocked by Nancy. 

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In January, Pelosi received a stock that is worth a million dollars of Tesla stock just before the announcement of an electric car by Joe Biden in June. However, the Pelosi family had earned a lot even before Congress came into proper action. Paul has given all the options on Google’s company.

However, Paul Pelosi has received a total of $2 million for providing options for Microsoft just 2 weeks before the company declares two weeks before the $22 billion contracts to provide the US Army with headsets of high tech. 

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The Pelosis was never accused of any insider trading, however, after her marriage, both of them had faced a lot of good timing which has led to so many funds. combined with extremely fortunate timing, and in turn, it had created a lot of suspicions. Walter then added that all everyone is after is money and they have  a lot of it,

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