Ex-WhatsApp Exec Pays $22.3M For New Beverly Hills Home

Beverly Hills is always in the news for its uber-rich real-estate properties and buyers, who are also famous and ultra-wealthy. Many of you know Beverly Hills is one of the prime neighborhoods in LA which is home to many Hollywood A-listers.

Well, it’s not that anymore, along with Hollywood celebs, tech execs, athletes and politicians are also not behind in purchasing swanky, posh properties. If you suddenly spot an Ex-WhatsApp Exec in your neighborhood of Beverly Hills, don’t be surprised.

Jay Stein, ex-CEO of Stein Mart, had paid $31M for a prime Bel-Air in summer of 2019. After purchasing his new mansion in Bel Air, he listed his old Los Angeles mansion up for sale. Initially he was asking $30M for this mansion, but the house had to wait for over two years before finally getting sold at a discount rate of $22.3 million. Although $22 million is a nice price, it’s still less than what Stein had to pay originally for the home. 

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Well, then who are the lucky people who got this new mansion from Jay Stein? Neeraj Arora and wife Sunisha Chandhok. Arora, an Ex-WhatsApp Exec is an Indian immigrant who used to be global head of business at WhatsApp.

Ex-WhatsApp Exec Pays $22.3M
Ex-WhatsApp Exec Pays $22.3M

He is the person who led a whopping $22 billion deal between WhatsApp and Facebook that happened in 2014. He and CEO Jan Koum also quit the company in 2018 after reported clashes with Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg. 

Now, it’s not publicly known what’s the exact networth of Arora but it’s most likely the case that the $22 billion deal did make him pretty much wealthy. Currently, Arora is working on a social media app called HalloApp. It is supposed to be competing against WhatsApp.

Since Arora has plenty of money, they have paid all-cash for their new purchase as the records have shown. However, the couple still lives in a $10M house in Palo Alto.  

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The elite property sits in the 90210 Trousdale Estates neighbourhood. The single-story mansion was constructed in 2016. Since Stein is a known art collector, he filled the mansion with museum-worthy pieces. It was sold fully-furnished. It has six bedrooms and seven bathrooms and comes with an 8,400 square feet area. Surprisingly, Jan Koum also has a $125 million property in the same neighborhood.

It should also be noted that Jeff Bezos also owns a mansion in the area. It’s not a surprise anymore that everyone with wealth develops a fine taste for expensive properties. 

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