The U.S. Government in Talks with Taliban as E.U. Pledges $1.15 Billion in Aid to Country

Recently, the world witnessed the collapse of the Afghanistan government as the US withdrew its troops from the country after years of deployment in the nation. The Taliban toppled its government and took control of the nation.

As the world leaders were discussing the ways to address the humanitarian and economic crisis, E.U. pledges $1.15 billion in Afghani Aid. However, it seems that the Biden administration is trying to maintain a safe distance regarding lending further economic aid to them. 

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The $1.15 billion aid was sanctioned by the EU as the group of 20 leaders showed their support to this decision which will help Afghanistan and neighboring nations. European Commission’s Ursula Von Der Leyen said, “We must do all we can to avert a major humanitarian and socio-economic collapse in Afghanistan, We need to do it fast.”

U.S. Government in Talks with Taliban
U.S. Government in Talks with Taliban

The Biden administration has been in talks with Taliban officials for the past few days, but it’s not announced that they are planning any kind of economic aid to the country as it’s being governed by a group that has been against the United States for the last two decades. 

Experts said the funding for Afghanistan was pledged earlier which was supposed to be the short-term solution for the crisis. Afghanistan is home to a population of 30 million, where the economy is on the verge of collapse. Since mid-August, the Taliban has been ruling the country and thus, most of the aid to the country has been cut off. 

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The Group of leaders has declared the funds on the ethical grounds of humanitarian principles like rights of women and aid to the lower-socio economic strata of the nation. President Biden was present during the virtual meet of the leaders, however, key leaders like Putin, Xi Jin Ping were not. 

While Biden did support the notion of supporting the aid with the use of “diplomatic, humanitarian and economic means” to Afghans but he did not forget to mention that the leaders should keep a “laser focus” on counterterrorism and allowing asylum for eligible Afghans in the United States. 

As per the sources, the meetings held with Taliban officials in Doha, Qatar were centered around topics like terrorism and safe passage. These were first-of-kind meetings since the Taliban has taken the regime in Afghanistan. Other questions like whether to grant recognition to the Taliban government or freezing billions worth of Afghan assets were not discussed. 

On Tuesday, Ned Price, State Department’s spokesman said that the government is keen on denying a safe haven to terrorists, and allowing a safe way out for the country’s people is a core national interest.

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Currently, the banking and payment system of Afghanistan is on the verge of collapse, which means the distribution of aid is also tough.  Since the country is facing a shortfall of cash, it will destroy healthcare and other essential services. Officials have said that the American government is in no way in a hurry to unfreeze the Afghanistan assets or grant official recognition to the Taliban. 

The U.S. government wants the Taliban to demonstrate that they are not trampling the human rights of the citizens or not indulging in any terrorist activities and allow free movement of citizens in the state.

Besides, the officials also maintained a stance that unfreezing the funds is not necessarily the solution to the issue, as the Taliban hasn’t proved yet that these funds will be used appropriately and managed responsibly. Overall, the fate of the Afghani people is in the hands of the Taliban and the foreign aid that will come to them.

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