Fourth Stimulus Check Update: Petition for Monthly $2,000 Nears 3 Million Signatures

A petition for monthly stimulus checks amounting to $2,000 is nearest to its motive of 3 million signatures since the cases for Covid-19, death, and hospitalization due to the same has been continuously declining over the entire United States after a surge in summer. But while petitions for checks payment perpetuate to get signatures online, the same has not been able to create pressure on the Congress members.

What are the reasons behind signing the petition?

The petition introduced by Stephanie Bonin, the owner of Denver restaurant last year only, reached out to the U.S House of Representatives and Senate to give a payment of $2,000 for adults and payment amounting to $1,000 for children promptly and continue to send regular checks throughout the tenure of the crisis.

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Near to be one of the most signed petitions of

As of Saturday, 16th October, the petition has succeeded in gaining over about 2,927,770 Signatures with nearly 43,000 new supporters in the last month. It will soon become the most signed petitions of in case it manages to reach its motive of getting 3 million signatures.

To Pass Law for Fourth Cash Payment

As that campaign is substantially growing, s senior citizen’s advocacy group has requested the lawmakers in Congress to sanction the law that would be providing the fourth installment of cash payment amounting to $1,400 to the recipients of Social Security benefits amidst increasing cost-of-living.

Fourth Stimulus Check
Fourth Stimulus Check

Over September, The Senior Citizens League (TSCL) managed to collect hundreds of thousands of signatures in an attempt to create pressure on Congress to send a round of $1,400 “emergency stimulus” checks to extend the financial support to an estimated 69 million recipients of Social Security benefits which also includes retirees, widows and widowers and disabled adults and their dependents, —in keeping up with the “unprecedented inflation year.”

What does the data collected by the group depict?

As per the data collected by the group, it depicts an anticipated 6.2 percent raise to the Social Security cost of living in the next year which is exceeding the rise of 1.3 percent to the benefits of this year.

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What is the opinion of Mary Johnson who is a policy analyst for TSCL?

As stated by the policy analyst for TSCL, Mary Johnson, “A special stimulus for Social Security recipients could help defray the higher costs some would face if next year’s [Cost of Living Adjustment] bumps them into a higher tax bracket.”

Lawmakers, Representatives, Senators, and Economist Pushing Biden to support recurring Stimulus

There are dozens of lawmakers in Congress, 56 representatives, and 21 senators, and more than 150 economists have urged Biden to come in support of recurring stimulus checks this year. But the Biden administration has given a signal in the past few months that a stimulus is no longer a priority, diverging instead to pass a bipartisan infrastructure bill amounting to $1.2 trillion and multi-trillion-dollar spending package that is important for achieving the domestic ambitions to President Joe Biden.

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What has been proposed by the representative Ilhan Omar who is a Minnesota Democrat?

On 30th July, representative Ilhan Omar who is a Minnesota Democrat brought in legislation that intends to form a federal universal basic income system. In the five-year pilot program that has been proposed, U.S. adults with a provisional income below $75,000 would be eligible to get $1,200 per month and also the amount of $600 for each dependent child.

The bill only gained support from four legislators—Democratic Representatives Cori Bush, Pramila Jayapal, Jamaal Bowman, and Dwight Evans.


  1. why isn’t the president helping us with return payments so we can pay our rent I am being evicted I am a widow of a veterans and he is deceased and I am just here being put out on the streets with no help he’s supposed to be our president helping the United States and everybody but he is helping everybody everywhere else but his own country his own people right here in Texas we are going down we are going under because he is not a good president to do and stand behind his word and help his people here helping people that don’t even need help he’s sending money across the border and everywhere instead of just helping the whole America why won’t he return the payment. Direct deposit help us we all need help can’t you see that’s why you are not being elected again you don’t want to help your people are standing behind your word like you said that you would I was going to do

  2. I just Got Approved For $820.00 Per Month With SSI. I Was Barely Surviving Off Of $545.00 Per Month , Then Raised To $620.00 Per Month and Then I Was Told I Was Overpaid !!! I Can’t Win From Loosing !!! I Can Use An 4 th Stimulus Check Thank You 🙏🏾 Very Much !!! Joe Ann Garner

  3. I think that all the people that signed the petition DC need to think hard about this petition that I even signed are voters and come election time people are going to vote for the ones that has done the best for us the people of the united states of America!!


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