North Ayrshire Anger Of Cut In £20 Universal Credit Uplift

This week MPs and MSPs in North Ayrshire were unified in their rage at the £20 raise to Universal Credit being curbed which is impacting hundreds of families in the location from this week.

What is the opinion of Deputy Joseph Rowntree Foundation director for Scotland Chris Birt?

According to reports, two-thirds of the recipients of the Universal Credit are earning very low income for their households. As stated by deputy Joseph Rowntree Foundation director for Scotland, Chris Birt, “Cutting Universal Credit will have deep and devastating consequences for a huge number of families with children across Scotland.”  He further added “Child poverty was already rising before Covid-19.

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It is a scandal that the UK Government’s strategy for economic recovery is to plunge families who are already struggling into deeper poverty and deprivation.”

Struggles Most of the Universal Credit Recipients Bound To DO As A Result Of Cut

A parent named Shaunie who is a recipient of Universal Credit is distressed about the curb as the same will make her struggle day and night to serve her family. She stated that “At the end of the month when I got my UC money there was never as much as even a pound or two spares. “By the time my bills were paid, my shopping was done and everything like that.

“For them to take that £20 away again from me, that’s going to be my gas for the week or my electric for the week.” She added further that “Every penny of what I get is accounted for, it would be really hard to be able to jiggle myself into not having that £20 because it was never really extra in the first place as it went straight into bills along with everything else.”

What does SNP MP Patricia Gibson have to say on the consequence of this UC curb?

The member of Parliament of the United States Patricia Gibson stated the negative impact of this cut saying “Thousands of my constituents will face a real squeeze on their incomes, coupled with rising energy prices and food bills, and a National Insurance hike, many low-income families will have to make the unthinkable decision of whether to heat their homes this winter or feed their children.” She said further adding “In stark contrast to this indefensible move by the UK Tory Government, the SNP government has declared a national mission to end child poverty and has invested £2.5bn to support low-income households over the last year, including nearly £1bn to directly support children.”

What is the opinion of the member of the Scottish Parliament on this Universal Credit cut?

Labour MSP Katy Clark added: “A cut to universal credit of this scale would be devastating for families across West Scotland at any time, but in light of furlough ending and fuel prices being hiked it’s even crueler. She added further “This Tory government seems to be hell-bent on making low-income families’ lives harder.”

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What does the convener of the social justice and social security Airdrie MSP Neil Gray say in this context?

Airdrie’s MSP Neil Grey pointed out the issue at First Minister’s Questions and said that the upcoming decline in the payments of universal credit will “hit local families hard.” He had previously filed a Holyrood motion considering that the raise of £20 per week which has been in place across the Coronavirus pandemic “has been a lifeline for millions” and that the cut on the same following this month will result in 6 million households an income of 1040 euro per annum for each family.


His stand for the raise to be made permanent has received the support of 32 cross-party MSP’s which represents about one-fourth of the members of parliament.

Neil Grey stated, “The Joseph Rowntree Foundation has estimated that removing the uplift would force 500,000 people into poverty – including 200,000 children.” Continued further “Families on the lowest incomes, those with children and particularly single parents, BAME families and those where someone is disabled are disproportionately affected.

The plan by the UK government to remove the uplift to universal credit will force families into debt and increase the reliance on food banks.” He stated further “In this day and age, for organizations like food banks to exist is shocking, but I am eternally grateful that they do.”

What is the opinion of the First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon?

The First Minister of Scotland and leader of the Scottish National Party Nicola Sturgeon said in this context “We have strongly urged UK ministers not to push people into poverty through the cut of £20 to universal credit; the same calls have come from the children’s commissioners, poverty campaigners and even those on the Prime Minister’s backbenchers.

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She added “The cut would be the biggest overnight reduction to a basic rate of social security since the beginning of the modern welfare state more than 70 years ago. Further concluding “Of course we want to support people into work where they can, but so many of the people on universal credit are already working and many others are not able to.” 

In the end, this curb on the Universal Credit is going to be harsh on the households who do not earn enough to run their home and are somehow dependent on the UC money.


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