Obama to Attend UN Climate Summit in Glasgow

It has been reported by the spokesperson of preceding President Barack Obama that he will move ahead to Glasgow for a UN climate summit next month and will be having a meeting with young activists and put forward his views addressing the hazard of climate destruction into a wider picture.

What has been said by Hannah Hankins?

As per a statement made by Hannah Hankins, “He will lay out the important progress made in the five years since the Paris Agreement took effect, highlight the leadership of young people around the globe, and urge more robust action going forward by all of us – governments, the private sector, philanthropy, and civil society.” 

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President Joe Biden also going to be there during the summit

Also, President Joe Biden will be available at the summit along with the 13 of his Cabinet members and officials of senior administration, which also comprises his uppermost domestic and international climate advisers John Kerry and Gina McCarthy. The anticipated show of force emphasizes the importance the Biden administration is placing on coping up with climate destruction.

Obama to attend UN climate

The international climate summit titled COP26 will be held starting from 31st October, Sunday till 12th November, Friday. COP is an abbreviation for the Conference of the Parties onto the UN Convention on Climate Change, and 26 indicates that this is the 26th meeting of the group.

Biden turned back into the Paris agreement

The summit takes place from the past five years from the day when the Paris agreement came into effect. In the year 2015, following the COP21, over about 190 countries endorsed the agreement at the time in order to restrict the increase in worldwide temperatures to well less than 2 degrees Celsius upon pre-industrial levels, but ideally to 1.5 degrees.

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Biden turned back into the Paris agreement following the precedent President Donald Trump took the United States out of.

Biden Promised to Handle the Climate Destruction while reversing many of actions taken by Trump

Obama justified presenting ecological problems while in office rather Trump continues to be a longtime climate destruction denier who tried to demolish many of the policy barriers which have been established by the Obama administration so that they can restrict the emanation of greenhouse gases.

From the time of taking charge, Biden has been seen moving back from many of such steps taken by the Trump administration and has promised some determined actions in order to minimize and handle the climate destruction.

Progressive Democrats Disagreeing On The Bill For Environmental Crisis By Biden

The summit appears as the climate ambitions of Biden, stay in the balance on Capitol Hill. The future of aspiring climate commitment made by Biden is bound up in a huge budget bill that is bypassed in Congress as common and progressive Democrats strongly express their dissentients on the structure and scale of the plan.

Biden Committed To Cut Carbon Emission By 50 To 52 Percent

Earlier this year, during his online Earth Day summit, Biden had made a promise that the US would cut its carbon emanations on an average by 50 to 52 percent in comparison to 2005 levels till 2030.

Many experts expressed their opinion on the promise that the 2030 goal of Biden is a crucial move for the US in order to get to net-zero emanations by the year 2050, an objective for which the scientist warns that the world’s biggest carbon emitters should be cut to minimize global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius.

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A California-based research group, Energy Innovation, claimed that if these bills can be merged with state policies and executive steps then it could plant the United States on its way to implementing its 2030 aim.

Obama had traveled to Copenhagen in 2009 during his first term as president, where he extended his direct support by intervening in climate summit discussions with the other leaders from across the world for which the result came out as an agreement that for the very first time titled emission promises by all strong economies and not just industrialized nations. 


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