Georgia’s $100 billion Teacher Pension System on a Financial Roll

When the Coronavirus pandemic struck Georgia last year in March, the stock market collapsed and so did the assets of the pension system which had been reckoned on by nearly 400,000 public teachers and retired personnel.

The executive director of the Teachers Retirement System, Buster Evans, experienced some sort of sickness to his stomach since billions of dollars had been lost on papers.

But nearly after one and a half years, the TRS is presently valued at nearly $103 billion after witnessing the rise of about 58 percent in value as a result of surplus from stocks and other investments at that low point. At the end of June, it was stated that it had 92 percent of the assets required to pay benefits in the future, a huge enhancement from recent years. 

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The tremendous rise has been estimated to have a political impact: It could stamp out discussion during the session of the General Assembly in 2022 regarding bringing modification to the pension system, something which has been pressed by some Republican lawmakers in recent years.

Georgia’s $100 billion Teacher
Georgia’s $100 billion Teacher

A former longtime superintendent of the Georgia school, Evans claimed that “The topic of pension reform is never going to go away.” Further, he added that in the financial year 2021 which ended on 30th June, TRS investments have seen their biggest rise ever since 1986. He stated, “When you have a year like that, it helps tremendously.”

The teacher pension system of the state is thoroughly reviewed as so many teachers and retired personnel are dependent upon the perks. Further, lawmakers of the state have pointed towards the concern regarding its sustainable financial feasibility.

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The pensions which proceed to k-12 public schools, technical college educators, and universities, are financed from the integration of contributions from employees, taxes paid from taxpayers, and investments. The system is presently providing monthly perks to nearly 140,000 retirees, with a standard payment of about $41,000 per year. It yearly makes payment of nearly more than $5 billion to retired people.

The market had gained its stability in a stronger manner

In recent years, the market has gained its financial steadiness of the system which as a result makes it way stronger than many other teacher pensions throughout the nation. But only before a few years, the state had increased the payments of taxpayers into the system from nearly $600 million, putting in a huge sum of earnings from taxes that got in amidst 2017 and 2018 as well.

This hike in tax revenue resulted in rising attempts from a few legislative authorities to think over modifying the system in such a way that new educators get 401(k), savings, and investment funds for which the state would be contributing a portion instead of pensions.

What does the report of the 2019 audit signify?

In 2019, as per the report of an audit, it is said that in absence of any alters the contributions of the state and local school district towards the plan will result in a rise of up to $2.4 billion by the year 2025 and $4.4 billion by 2045 and through that, the contributions within the teacher pension system will become one of the biggest expenses for the state.

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Some Republican legislative officers claim that several educators don’t continue this profession for a longer period so that they can get money from a pension, this is the reason behind 401(k) seems to be more sensible since in such way they can take with them if they don’t stay further into the profession.

Teachers estimate the chance of educators to opt for retirement after 30 years approximately

The teachers see the possibility for educators to depart and take retirement after 30 years or so and get an enormous pension being one of the best hiring tools of the state to induce young talents into the profession and retain them in schools. They have opposed many of the modifications that the lawmakers offered for the TRS along with the 401(k) for new educators. And they have been shut back those attempts every year, even sometimes showering members of the House Retirement Committee with emails and calls.

Whereas the report of the end of the year said that the TRS holds 92 percent of the assets is required to pay off the benefits of future, the system makes use of an average of five years to ease out estimations so that an enormous year like the financial year 2021 neutralizes out a bad performing year

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After calculating the average of five years, it has been claimed by Evans that the financing proportion is slightly above 80 percent and that is still way better than the past years and leaves behind many similar pension systems of the nation.

What has been said by an education senior policy analyst, Stephen Owens?

An education senior policy analyst at the Georgia Budget and Policy Institute, Stephen Owens states that the powerful recent figures make it doubtful there will be much pressure for modifying such a pension program that is highly backed up by the teachers.

He said “There are very few private pensions available,” adding further “The idea is, if we’re not going to pay civil servants like teachers on the front end, we should pay them on the back end.”

What is the opinion of the chairman of the Georgia House Higher Education?

The chairman of the Georgia House Higher Education, Chuck Martin, R-Alpharetta, has been amongst the dominant supporters of bringing modification in the pension system to raise the sustainable feasibility of the program. But Martin also stated the powerful financial figures that for now make it unlikely that there will be any attempt taken by the General Assembly to alter the pension system.

“When you see a number like that, people tend to go, ‘things must be fine,’ Martin stated, adding further “I hope they are. Certainly, when you get a year with good numbers, it’s going to make it less of an issue.”


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