37% of Americans Worry Their Emergency Funds Aren’t Big Enough

If you are concerned about your emergency savings then read out the full article to increase your cash reserves in a flash. 

If there is one most important thing which the covid-19 pandemic has taught us, it’s the significance of always being ready for financial disturbance. In the past 19 months, we have seen millions of people who got fired from their jobs or saw their earnings being cut down due to pay cuts. Now more than ever, it’s transparent that setting up an emergency fund should be the primary objective.

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According to a recent survey by the National Endowment for Financial Education, around 37 percent of Americans have no confidence if they have kept enough money in the reserve to tackle emergencies. Potentially, a strong contingency fund has more than enough funds to tackle the expenses of essential bills for up to three to six months at least. You can also take the help of a calculator to find out how much money you need to save.

If you don’t have an appropriately reserved emergency fund then have a look at the below steps which you can consider to boost your funds.

Sell items you no longer need

To boost your savings account balance, the best you can do is you can sell off those items you don’t use further in exchange for cash. Sneak out every single corner of your house and pick up those abandoned items. Afterward, bring together all those barely used kitchen appliances, electronics, and toys that your kids never pulled out of the box and give your best to reach out to buyers. 

Emergency Funds
Emergency Funds

You can do marketing of your items on different social media platforms, post your items in your neighborhood groups, and alternatively, you can also make use of sites like eBay (although you will have to pay a certain fee for opting out the latter way). Also, you can conduct an old-fashioned yard sale.

Get a side hustle

The maximum part of your paycheck may be reserved for paying regular bills. But if you opt-out for a side hustle you can make use of the sum you earned through it to optimize your emergency fund. 

In case you are confused about choosing the correct side hustle, just think about your routine. Is it open beyond your regular working hours? Or do you seek a job that you can do comfortably from your place like data entry from home? Spend a small part of your time figuring out an adequate job so that your side hustle ends up making you successful.

Cut back on a few substantial expenses temporarily

Most people like us spend on such things that logically aren’t needed but just bring pleasure in life. These involve things like streaming services, cable, having meals in restaurants, and vacations or getaways. Curbing out on these feasts is something that not only you but none of us would like to do forever and even you shouldn’t have to. However, if you don’t have an adequate emergency fund and want to set up some faster then, you may seek to curb down for a while only.

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Find out how much money is falling short of your emergency savings. And after that review whether cutting down your spending is resulting in an appropriate boost.

For instance, if you presently spend $300 per month on the things and treats mentioned above and your emergency savings are falling short from $1,000. In such a scenario if you learn to look for a way to save that $300 from your monthly spending then you will be able to achieve your goal by your savings of just over three months, once you achieve your required emergency funds you can return to your regular spending as usual.

Try becoming a landlord

If you have a bigger home that has been set up accordingly then you may opt-out to let out a portion of your house for rent for a while. The money paid by your tenant can be used by you to optimize your emergency savings. That said, before letting out a portion of your property for rent you must have to ensure your local zoning regulations provide you with the permission of converting a portion of your home to a rental. Reach out to your town or city’s zoning or building department for further details.

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There are always two sides to everything, in this case, the cons are that you have to share your personal space and take the responsibilities of being a landlord. But since you will be getting rent which will help in boosting your emergency savings faster so it may all be worth the compromise.

Get the peace of mind you need

Having strong emergency savings might help you to sleep better at night and pass your days with relatively less pressure. If boosting your savings needs you to work harder then, inhibit these tips to provide them that necessary boost.

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