Biden Widely Mocked on Social Media for Bizarre Hand Gestures

Social media users took the internet to the storm after the recent town hall by President Biden which led to drawing similarities between his attitude and the cartoon character named Beavis from the “Beavis and Butt-head” 

During the town hall, there was one point where Biden was seen withholding his arms bowed out in front of him with his settled wads.

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The clip went viral on social media platforms

That clip captured that particular moment spread by multiple people into the social media platforms all along with Mike Cernovich who is the Political commentator, questioning about “What is Biden doing?”

Biden Widely Mocked on Social Media
Biden Widely Mocked on Social Media

The precedent NBA player Andrew Bogut tweeted writing “Biden is a straight comedy,” adding “Uhhhh Beavis…”

Some other social media users just shared pictures of President Biden at the moment along with pictures of Beavis, who is popularly famous for a jumpy alter-ego, The Great Cornholio, that specifies a similar attitude.

One user stated Biden seemed like he was “about to transform into cornholio,” and added a GIF of Beavis. Another one wrote that Biden was “pretty good” at imitating Beavis.

One of the Twitter users asked “Who did Cornholio better,”

Another user asked rhetorically, “I’m not much of a conspiracy theorist… but has anyone ever seen Biden and Beavis in the same room,”

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“Cornholio” became a trending topic

After the town hall, the word “Cornholio” soon became one of the most trending topics on Twitter since people made comparisons between Biden and the cartoon character. 


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